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Smart Home Renovation: The Latest Trends in Home Automation and Integration

Latin man choosing temperature on thermostat

Smart home renovation has been rapidly growing over the past few years, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Nowadays, we are seeing a more concentrated and efficient form of smart homes, and with the emerging technologies advancing by the day, we can expect many more automation opportunities possible for the next year or two. 

Thanks to the experience gained in the past and the current trends, we can now predict the smart home renovation and automation trends over the next few months in 2023, as well. So without further ado, let’s explore smart home trends in 2023.

What Exactly is Smart Home Renovation and Automation

Smart home renovation refers to redesigning, remodeling, or adding technical details to a house in order to make living in it more automated, instead of doing everything on our own. Home renovation companies take the time to redesign a house with regard to smart home element automation and integration.

Smart homes make use of all the technological advancements that allow for automatic daily human tasks. Plus, they make the time-consuming tasks around the house happen on their own as a self-sufficient system. 

How Can a Home Renovation Company Help You?

A home renovation company can help you find trends and ideas for home renovation. Because of their experience, they know what is going to work well with your home, and how you can upgrade it.

When it comes to smart homes, a great home renovation company thinks about comfort, accessibility, and creativity. This way, they can ensure that the tech gadgets in the smart home will not only be useful but also responsive.

Now that we know what smart home renovation means, let’s check some of the latest trends in the field and predict the next trends over the next year. 

Tech Integrations

Nowadays, we have smart systems working all over houses in different rooms. We have security systems, alarm systems, and health systems working together as a unit. The most important way to identify and improve the automation of a smart home is the number of tech integrations across the house and how they work with each other to make our lives easier.

Internet of Things and Voice Assistants

While AI assistants like Alexa, Siri, etc., aren’t anything new, in 2023, we have seen an amazing improvement in the accuracy and efficiency of artificial intelligence. The latest AI milestones will help us have more realistic expectations. 

Then, we want these assistants and all the tech gadgets to work together around the house and do our automated tasks, like the coffee machine starting to brew coffee the moment someone asks Alexa for it. This is just one example of all the amazing possibilities open to us with IoT

Smart and Touchless Tech and Sensors

We’ve had touchless water taps and faucets for a long time. These are nothing new, and they’ve been mass used everywhere for a long time now, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic that prompted everyone to keep touching things at a minimum. 

This year, we can expect more of this functionality in other appliances and tech ware around the house. For example, light and heat sensors adjusting on their own based on the room temperature or time of the day. 

 woman controlling heating system with mobile app at home

Healthy Tech Products

After the sensory functionalities mentioned previously, referring to automated sensors around the house, we can expect health-related automated tasks, like humidifiers and air conditioners, starting and stopping to work whenever they detect a change in the room condition. 

Home Offices

After Covid-19, many people have started to work from home, and this has caused a new trend to emerge to care more about our home offices. Everything from lighting, hardware, software, and voice isolation so the office is completely separated from other living areas in the house. This will help the persons working from home focus better on their tasks and separate themselves properly from the noises heard around the house so meetings can be better.

High-Speed Internet

It would be such a shame if a house still had a low internet speed rate with all the tech gadgets and smart automation. Once you’re thinking of transforming your house into a smart one, remember to upgrade your router and even your ISP in order to maximize your connection speed and help with tech integrations.

Smart Home Security

Home security systems are essential to having a sustainable smart home, as well. They monitor everything and let us know in case we need to be worried about anything. In the meantime, we can enjoy the ease of use around the house. Should an unfortunate event happen? The security system will connect with the IoT and take necessary measures to ensure your safety. 

Smart Kitchens

We’ve talked about almost every part of the house except the kitchen. This part could specifically use a lot of automation since most tasks around this part of the house were traditionally done completely manually. However, with the emerging kitchen appliances that connect to AI assistants, alarms, remote controls, etc., we can have a more productive time cooking, not having to wait for most tasks that could complete on their own. For example, there are coffee makers that automatically start making coffee as soon as it gets close to the alarm time in the morning.

Plus, having monitors or mini-computers in kitchens is becoming more and more popular. We’ll just have to wait and see whether it will stick or not.

Entertainment Systems

Studios, sound systems, displays, and monitors all deserve upgrades this year, allowing us to use different audiovisual systems together by simply streaming, using universal sharing, or projecting outside of one device. The whole entertainment system can work together to make the experience more immersive.

Solar Panels and Solar Batteries

This might not have much to do with automation, but it makes your house smarter, considering electrical usage. Solar panels and solar batteries have proven to be super-efficient. This year, if we want to save on electricity and have a functioning smart house, we can make use of solar energy and experience cheap power generation.


Smart home renovation is a big step to take. It can change a lot of things around the house but will make your job much easier. This industry is growing rapidly as more people find it beneficial to their daily lives. Last year, we saw energy management systems and sensor upgrades. This year we’ll see a collaboration between these upgrades to turn your home into a completely sustainable system of its own. So if you want to gift yourself a comfortable house that enables you to do half as many tasks as you’re doing around your house right, give smart home renovation a try.