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Smart Home Technology for Seniors

Smart Home Technology for Seniors

It’s common for seniors to not be able to get around as easy as they used to, making everyday life tasks challenging and often prolonged. Small tasks, such as changing the temperature in the home or turning the lights on and off may take a long time and may cause discomfort for seniors that have physical ailments.

An easy solution to these problems may be to move into a nursing facility like the Pennant Hills nursing home or hire an in-home elderly care specialist, however, there may be another solution. Smart home technology.

The Best In-Home Technology for Aging People 

Smart technology is beneficial for people of all ages but is especially great for seniors. Seniors are able to take advantage of smart technology in order to complete daily mundane tasks. Software like Storricare provides services such as assisted living activity calendar which is helpful not only for seniors but for there caregivers also. In fact, smart technology can even help seniors live independently longer because of the added assistance that it provides to their lives. Here are some smart technologies to consider for yourself or an aging loved one. 

Smart WiFi Systems

These systems, such as Alexa and Google Home, make life easy. These systems help the elderly control things around their homes such as lights, music, and security. After connecting lighting, music, and security systems to your smart technology system one time, all one has to do is speak to the WiFi system and it will do as it is told.

Seniors will not have to get up and down to turn on systems around their homes; instead, they can sync their systems up to this smart technology and simply talk to it in order to turn these systems on and off.

 Smart Home Technology for Seniors

Smart Doorbell

Another smart technology that is great for people of all ages, smart doorbells allows seniors to see who is at the door without getting up and going to the front of their home. Though it’s important for seniors to stay as active as possible in their golden years, it’s sometimes hard for seniors that have back or knee issues, or for seniors that have had a stroke or heart attack in recent years. Small physical actions, such as getting up to answer the door, can be very strenuous for some aging adults; that’s why smart doorbells are an outstanding option. 

Smart doorbell systems come in the form of an app that is connected to a camera that is attached to a doorbell system, allowing a person to see who is at their door from other places around their home. In addition to adding safety to a senior’s life, it also allows them to see if the door is worth getting. For example, if a delivery person is simply dropping something off, an elderly adult can get the package at their own leisure, they do not need to walk to the door at the moment the doorbell rings; the smart doorbell system will give them that option.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats also can be controlled through an app. This smart technology is great for seniors that have a hard time getting around because they can control the temperature of their home from their phone or tablet. Additionally, smart thermostats can be controlled in remote locations as well; meaning, a senior can be at a store or visiting a friend and can turn the heat down when he or she leaves, and then back up when he or she is on the way home. 

Smart thermostats are convenient and can make an elderly person’s life easier.

Smart Irrigation System

Smart irrigation systems are a great addition to a home, specifically a senior’s home because they are so low maintenance. Though most sprinkler systems add a layer of ease to keeping an outdoor landscape looking great, they go on even when unnecessary because they are on a timer; meaning they will go on even when it is raining or when a yard is already wet. Smart irrigation systems, however, can be controlled from an app so can go off and on whenever one chooses, taking rain into consideration.

Smart irrigation systems can also monitor the weather, going on more in the spring and summer months. All of these benefits will make a senior’s life easier while also providing them with a beautiful landscape. 

Stay Technologically Savvy in the Comfort of Your Home

If you or a loved one are at retirement age and are thinking about ways to make your home easier to get around, consider smart technology. Smart technology makes life easier and will provide outstanding benefits for seniors that may need assistance. These smart technology systems are investments worth making.