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Snap glasses by Nendo for by | n


Japanese studio Nendo designed a new pairs of reading + computer glasses in light, pliable polycarbonate resin whose folded temples snap onto the nosepiece. The Snap glasses’ cloth case is cylindrical so that they can be inserted from either end, and the glasses and case are locked into place by snapping on the temples. The temples are easy to remove, for users to enjoy different colour combinations.

These Snap glasses are sold at Seibu department stores in Japan exclusively.

 2-snap-glasses-by-nendo-for-by-n 3-snap-glasses-by-nendo-for-by-n 4-snap-glasses-by-nendo-for-by-n 5-snap-glasses-by-nendo-for-by-n 6-snap-glasses-by-nendo-for-by-n 7-snap-glasses-by-nendo-for-by-n

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