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Social Media Customer Service: Tips and Tools to Do it Right

Social Media Customer Service: Tips and Tools to Do it Right

Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

In today’s digital era, social media has played a pivotal role in promoting businesses and solving customer concerns. People are scrolling social media feeds all day long and if brands are not using social media platforms to market their products/services, they are on the verge of going bankrupt.

In recent times, people have been using social media platforms to raise their concerns and seek assistance. Gone are the days when customers had to wait for very long to get assistance and have their problems resolved.

Many internet service providers have come up with a solution to offer exceptional customer support to their subscribers. For instance, if you are facing trouble regarding Charter bill pay, you can directly connect with them and raise your concerns. Without waiting for long, your issue will be resolved and payment of bills will not be an issue.

Here are some of the statistics revealing customers and brands’ interactions through different social media platforms.

  • Approximately one billion messages are exchanged between people and brands each month on Facebook Messenger.
  • 64 percent of people would prefer to message rather than calling the business
  • 59 percent of businesses reply to Tweets within 15 minutes
  • 69 percent of Facebook users in the United States who message businesses are of the view that they feel confident about the brand.
  • 60 percent of internet users are of the view that bad customer service is a concern when shopping online
  • According to the forecast by Forrester, customer service interaction will surge to 40 percent in the year 2021

The above statistics reveal the importance of social media interaction between customers and brands. Things are changing drastically with the evolution of the internet and rising social media platforms to know more about the brand and raise a concern about it without wasting time.

Now let us have a look at social media customer service tips and tools to do it right.

Setup Portal for Social Media Customer Support

Customer service is the biggest concern for both customers as well as brands. Most of the customers are found complaining about bad customer service in case of any issue. On the other hand, brands complain about managing a high volume of calls with limited resources.

If you have a well-established social media business profile, customer support will not be an issue anymore. Brands can interact directly with customers, listen to their concerns letting them wait, and solving the issue instantly.

The best way to resolve customer concerns over social media is to dedicate personnel to resolve issues. For instance, most of the brands have incorporated chatbots in Facebook messenger that replies to them without waiting.

 Social Media Customer Service: Tips and Tools to Do it Right

Develop Social Media Guidelines

Social media customer support is not less than opportunities and challenges. However, devising social media guidelines would help you face lesser challenges and avail more opportunities. Keep in mind to develop guidelines that cohere with your company values and social media team.

The guideline should mention the tone of voice, and they right way to greet customers without any discrimination. It should also include the response time for each channel and what penalties should be posed when the time runs out.

Moreover, the answers to questions that are asked frequently should be visible to the people so that they get the answers instantly.

Be Positive and Stay Calm

If customers are asking the questions regularly, you might need to check whether the information is clearly stated for them. If not, you need to revise them and make it clearer. Social media channels are also ideal places to share educational content. For instance, you can create videos to help customers with the process and how to. Moreover, if you were running a website, a blog twice a week would be extremely helpful in making customers aware. Try to engage your audience as much as you can so that customer support is reduced to minimal. If you have to deliver orders and due to some reason, there is a delay, just make sure to post it on social media channels without waiting.

Meet Customer Expectations

Customers are very sensitive when it comes to their concerns and problems. Do not put your customers on hold and reply to them instantly about their concerns. A study found that customers who pay more expect a high level of customer care.

Meeting customer expectations is quite challenging but not impossible. For instance, you need to teach the social media team to be polite in every situation. Even if the customer is raising the same question repeatedly, try to answer them as many times.


If you want to succeed in today’s competitive world, you need to adopt modern strategies. Do not expect yourself to be on the top when you are not adopting the strategies your competitors are adopting. Social media is a core of every business success and so does customer service.