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Vincent Leroy Envisions An Enigmatic and Dreamlike Kinetic Installation in the Volcanic Crater Plateau of Tenerife

Solar Quartz, Tenerife, ES / Vincent Leroy

Vincent Leroy

French artist Vincent Leroy has recently unveiled a new audiovisual piece made with perforated stainless steel. Conceived to settle within the volcanic crater plateau of Tenerife island in Spain, Solar Quartz plays with the light that passes through it and is reflected in it at the same time.

Enigmatic and intriguing, the installation is reminiscent of a meteorite straight from space. Its slow and hypnotic movement plunges us into a mysterious and cosmic atmosphere full of poetry.



Vincent Leroy likes to take his time, breaking down every gesture that matters to him. Once again, it’s the subtle blend of poetry and low-tech that sets us apart from the real world here.

“Everything seems to breathe: no beginning, no end, just a stream,” says Vincent Leroy. “A reflection on our relationship to speed, distance to reality… so essential in today’s world.”

Using records taken in space, Jérôme Echenoz creates moving sounds around the installation – like electronic wave loops. The sound repetition becomes multiple and infinite and contributes greatly to the intriguing aspect of the installation.

 Solar Quartz, Tenerife, ES / Vincent Leroy Solar Quartz, Tenerife, ES / Vincent Leroy Solar Quartz, Tenerife, ES / Vincent Leroy