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Spring Colour Schemes Trending This Year to Bring Your House to Life

Dining room with red painted walls

Aside from the very popular spring clean that everyone tackles this season, some may find themselves wanting to decorate their spaces and add some spring style to their homes. There are many ways to do this however, understanding the trending spring colour schemes to really make your room pop will be key!

There are various ways you can add some spring to your home, including a new statement wall colour, canvas art prints and some new rugs and decor. Let’s take a look at the spring colour schemes trending this year to bring your house to life with colour and style!

Make A Statement

Mixing colours within a room will no doubt make a statement if that’s what you are looking for. The best way to mix shades will be with complimentary colours. The colour opposite each other on a colour chart will make each other pop and work well together – no need to worry about clashing colours!

Another way to mix colours that complement one another is to pair those that are next to one another on the colour chart. Two colours that are trending this spring and that work well when paired together are green and blue.

Mix Subtle Shades

Going for a hot pink or electric blue may be a little too bold for some people however using more muted shades of these colours will give a fresh, light spring feeling to rooms in your house. Using dusky pinks and light blues is a subtle way of adding colour to a room without making too much of a statement. These lighter colours will complement most interior styles and make for the perfect spring refresh.

 Bedroom with pastel pink walls

Try Going Warm And Bold

If you are looking for a warmer-toned room whilst adding some colour you could try red and yellow tones. You could add these colours to your space adding a stylish spring feel. If painting your walls a statement colour isn’t something you want to commit to then you could try painting your furniture or features of the room. For example, you could paint a built-in bookcase a deep red or add a yellow shade to the woodwork around the room. These will make a difference to the space, adding some spring colours to your room whilst not being too overpowering!

Staying Neutral

For those of you who want to update your space but aren’t looking to add a pop of colour to the room, this spring season is the best time to add those earthy neutral shades. You could try deeper colours like a dusky brown, this could accentuate many interior styles and works well in multiple rooms in the house including a living room, dining room or bedroom. Another great look you could try this spring is painting panelling, applying a neutral earthy tone to a panelled wall in the home will add a quality trendy look that definitely will catch the eye of your guests.

Add An Accent

Accent walls are a timeless style. Many people use statement walls in their homes to add a pop of colour to rooms. Four white walls can get a little boring after a while, instead of painting all four walls a new colour you could opt to paint one wall a specific colour and style this up with prints and shelving. These accent walls can be any colour that suits your styling and preferences however some spring shades that are trending and would work wonderfully this season are pinks, lilac or a muted green.

Grey Doesn’t Mean Gloomy!

Painting an accent wall grey or your entire room a timeless light grey will fit every season. Grey walls will compliment most interior styles as well as many decor pieces in your home and work well with most other colours. A lot of people stay away from grey as they think this will result in a gloomy room and make the space darker however, this is not the case. Grey is a classic neutral that will provide the perfect base colour to accentuate your room’s styling and any feature pieces you may have. The benefit of grey walls is the endless options for styling them up with prints that add a pop of colour. This classic colour will always be trending!

Stay within your comfort zone; there’s no need to paint your walls green and blue to fit in with what’s trending. Your home should make you feel comfortable and relaxed, so ensuring it is in line with your preferences and style is what truly matters! Of course, experimenting is great; however, only experiment with styles you think you will love!