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Sprucing Up Your Home In 2021 With Colourful Grouting

Sprucing Up Your Home In 2021 With Colourful Grouting

Some of the best ways to update a kitchen or a bathroom is by adding new stylish tiles. When you are renovating your kitchen or other areas in your home, it’s useful to consider what your budget is and what your style is before starting work. When tiling you will want to consider what colour scheme you want and what you want the end design to look like.  

Whether you are retiling or just updating your existing tile work, grouting plays an important part in giving your space a tidy and clean look. Over time, grouting can crack, fade, mould can grow, and tiling might not look as pristine as it used to be. While white is the most popular colour to use for grouting, there is actually a wide range of colours that homeowners could use to give their home a more modern look. 

Colourful grouting can help make rooms pop with an interesting eye-catching colour. Whether you are creating a stylish bathroom focal wall or a modern kitchen backsplash, here are some great ideas for how to use colourful grouting in your home this year.

Modernising a kitchen with stylish grey grouting

It is no secret that grout comes in popular traditional colors such as white and off-white. While these colours are very traditional to use for tiling, there are also many more stylish popular colours to use too. One of the most popular colours to use in interior design over the years has been grey. Shades like iron, smoke, charcoal, and steel, are just some gorgeous shades to use throughout a home.

Grey can pair well with many different colours and is therefore perfect to use in a kitchen. Grey grouting can match perfectly with grey tiles or even work well with white ones and other colours. Tile specialists like Tile Experience offer a range of coloured grouts and stylish tiles for people to use in their homes. They have a beautiful range of graphic grey grouts to use in Taupe Grey, Storm Grey, Anthracite, and more.

 Sprucing Up Your Home In 2021 With Colourful Grouting

Warm browns: an alternative to white and black grout

While it’s not always the most stylish colour to use in the home, warm brown grouting can pair well with a range of stylish tiles. For example, if a bathroom has brown coloured tiles, white can look too bold and striking next to it. Instead, brown grouting can blend in well with brown tiles and help create a seamless look in the room. It can also be useful to compare tiles and grout with the rest of a bathroom renovation checklist to assess whether the colour will match well with the rest of the intended bathroom design.

It can be useful to get the colour of the tiles and grouting just right so that the tiling is aesthetically pleasing to look at. While it’s good to experiment and work with what you prefer, some colours just might not go well together. If the comparison is too different, such as dark tiles with bright grouting, then sometimes the end result can be unpleasant to look at. 

Going bold and experimenting with non-traditional shades

Depending on the colour of your tiles or personal preference, changing up your grouting might be the best time to experiment with something bold and different. As well as white, grey, and black grouting, there are also other varieties of grouting too such as green, red, yellow, and purple. These might not be to everyone’s tastes but they can certainly make a big impression in your home. 

There are many popular bathroom colour schemes that are great to use to transform a home. Grouting shades such as violet, cherry red, lime green, and mustard yellow, will almost certainly provide some eye-catching tile work in your home. Shades such as this might be best to use in small areas, such as a tile backsplash, rather than for decorating an entire bathroom. That way, homeowners can include a stylish pop of colour without the shade being too much and too hard on the eyes.