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Cupola, and light it was!

Studio AMeBE

For Milan Design Week 2016, Studio AMeBE presents the chandelier “Cupola, and light it was!” , a suspended lamp which blends craftsmanship and technology through the hyper-realistic reproduction of Saint Peter Basilica’s dome in Rome. Produced in a limited edition of 15 pieces, Cupola is realised in polyurethane resin, painted by hand, and with dimmer LED lights controlled via iPhone and iPad.

“We trust in a new Renaissance,” explains Studi AMeBE. “This project is the demonstration of the existence of a healthy Italian system of know how, a universal language that speaks to the entire world”.

The installation can be seen till the 17th of April in Via privata Maria Teresa, 7 in the 5VIE district.

 studio-amebe-introduces-cupola-and-light-it-was-2 studio-amebe-introduces-cupola-and-light-it-was-3 studio-amebe-introduces-cupola-and-light-it-was-4

all images courtesy of Studio AMeBE