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Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is a tradition in many homes, but most people don’t realize that summer cleaning is even more important. Summer is a wonderful time of the year, if not the most awaited season. All the humidity, rain, and sun can take a toll on your home, which means some cleaning routine adjustments are needed. We got you for that! Here in this article are some summer cleaning tips and tricks to keep your home tidy throughout the season.

Incorporate dusting in your cleaning regimen

Dusting should be an everyday task in summer. It’s impossible to resist the urge to open your windows to let the natural light wash over your house. However, we don’t remember that dust and dirt take the perfect chance to seep through the openings. Those who are allergic to dust can find this period even more stressful, so it’s crucial to dust as often as possible.

Stay on top of the washing

Summer is the time when our bodies are most sweaty because of the heat and humidity. All the games by the beach mean you are picking up dust coupled with the sweat, which can be very unhygienic. Apart from bathing more often, it’s also vital to wash clothing frequently. Our clothing absorbs sweat and odors, which can leave them smelling very bad.

Keep the odors away

Trash always smells, but it’s even worse during the summer. Summer weather presents the perfect conditions for bacteria to get in your trash can and make the house stink. The gentle wind blowing through your windows also wafts the stench throughout the house, making it worse. No amount of air fresheners can bat this! You can prevent this by sprinkling some baking soda at the bottom of the trash cans to absorb the bad odors.

Watch out for the mold and mildew

Mildew and mold can grow very fast and often during summer because of the humidity and heat. It even gets worse for humid places in your house like the washing machine and under the kitchen sink. Ensure you leave the washing machine open when it’s not in use. The same applies to the cabinet under the sink. This ensures that the humidity levels in these areas reduce, therefore preventing or curbing notorious mold and mildew from growing.

Clean the microwave

Among the places that collect dirt and odors during summer is the microwave. We use this device warming so many foods that the smell is bound to be lea in the microwave. Slice a full lemon in half and let the halves sit in water in a bowl to remove the lingering smell. Let the lemons in a bowl heat up for a few minutes. The lemon will leave a zesty fragrance in the microwave stripping off the snacks and foods. You can also pour the water and lemon pieces down your drain to remove the drain’s smell.

Encourage the outdoors

Kids and pets bring the most dirt into the house. Summer is a delightful time when kids want to keep running around playing. Encourage them to go outside instead of making your home a playhouse. You can create a playground for them in the backyard or even send them to vacation camps all day. They will also develop more skills than when they stay locked in all day. They can bond with nature, meet new people, and learn new tactics while keeping the house clean. You will realize it becomes cleaner, free of dirt, toys, and pet hair.

Clean messes immediately

Keep your cleaning tools close to you so you can attend to messes immediately they happen. Whether it’s a coffee spill or mud from shoes, it’s essential to clean quickly to avoid spreading. Remember that this is a time when everyone is in the house to make it worse. It also lessens the burden when general cleaning by preventing stains.

 Summer Cleaning Tips

Involve everybody in cleaning

Ensure everyone in your home knows the importance of cleaning. Allocate chores and create a cleaning schedule for the whole season. Ensure to include even kids for small tasks such as picking after their toys and making their beds. Involving everyone makes cleaning during summer, and maintaining the house neatness everyone’s responsibility. Your kids will avoid playing indoors because they have to clean. The trick leaves the house cleaner at all times.

Remove water rings

Water rings are very common during summer, especially if you forgot to use a coaster. Don’t panic if there are water rings on your wood. If you spot water rings, place some cotton fabric like a cloth or t-shirt on the ring. Get your iron box, ensuring it’s dry and heats it. Place the hot iron on the cotton fabric and let it sit on the cotton for a few seconds. Repeat until the water rings are gone.

Deep clean your home at least once

Deep cleaning is very critical, especially in a time when the dirt is everywhere. The humid and rainy conditions in summer promote a lot of dirt that can build up and ruin surfaces and upholstery if not taken care of. It’s, therefore, a perfect time to turn your house upside down for some cleaning. You will hardly have such a chance where everyone is outdoors. You can clean uninterrupted. You can DIY or use the services of professional cleaners. Deep cleaning will ensure your home is in the best conditions and appeal for summer. You know that is when you have friends visiting, family members staying for vacation, and hosting colleagues for barbecues and Sunday dinners.

Incorporate essential oils

Hosting some colleagues over for brunch or a barbecue? You need to ensure your home is in the best conditions to leave a statement. Instead of using strong air conditioners and dehumidifiers, incorporate natural essential oils into the cleaning regime. Essential oils are not only good for your skin and hair. These oils can also do magic for your bathroom or kitchen. Ensure you read the benefits of each essential oil before using it. Peppermint, for instance, boosts energy while sandalwood can be used to calm nerves and induce relaxation. Lemongrass is known for purifying the air, and lavender promotes rest. The benefits can help choose the one that fits best depending on the rooms you want to clean.