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Summer Garden Projects – 3 Innovative Ideas to get you Started

Summer Garden Projects – 3 Innovative Ideas to get you Started

Irene Dávila

Summer is fast approaching, which means that now is the ideal time to prepare your garden for the warmer weather.

In fact, there are a number of green-fingered tasks that you should consider undertaking during the spring, from clearing your garden of debris to ensuring that no weeds are allowed to puncture the topsoil.

Still, there are some tasks that will need to wait until the summer, as you look to create an organized and well-maintained garden space that’s ideal for entertaining.

Here are some ideas to help you on your way:

Refresh your Flower Beds

It’s fair to say that not all flowers and plants have been created equal, meaning that some are best planted during specific seasons and times of the year.

Take Begonia, for example, which is one of the most versatile bedding plants and one that’s tailormade for the height of summer. Begonia’s are much-loved and renowned for their flamboyant booms, which feature a huge range of colors and ability to thrive in both sun and shade.

Sweet Peas, Busy Lizzies and Geranium are also beautiful summer bedding plants and can make the ideal adornment for any front or back garden space.

It’s also important that you prepare your flower beds for the summer, by compartmentalizing them and negating the need to regularly prune them during the summer months. To achieve this, you should consider using Marshall’s garden edging stones, as they provide an effective but stylish border that can really bring your garden to life.

Alter the Layout of the Garden to Suit your Needs

As the summer approaches, you may well decide to alter the layout of your garden in order to suit your needs.

This may mean creating a patio or seating area, or in some instances increasing the grass space available and the size of the lawn.

If you need additional storage in your garden, you may also build a shed that can house all of your gardening tools and help to keep your outdoor spaces neat at all times.

The key is to focus on how you intend to use your garden space, before creating a budget and timeline that helps you to achieve your objectives during the summer months.

Add a Dash of Colour to your Garden

After the trials of autumn and winter, your garden can begin to look incredibly worn and jaded. From adverse weather to the accumulation of debris, this can leave your garden in disarray and create an unfavorable space for outdoor entertaining.

With this in mind, the summer provides an ideal opportunity to refresh your garden and its furniture, by adding dashes of color and painting your fittings in bright and eye-catching shades.

From vibrant oranges and hot pinks to stunning aqua, even the most jaded furniture can look good with a fresh lick of paint and a bright, vibrant color scheme. This can help to bring your garden to life and create the ideal space for outdoor entertainment this summer.