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Super Glue! It’s Not Glamorous But It Is Wonderful!

Super Glue! It’s Not Glamorous But It Is Wonderful!

One doesn’t often think about super glue. It is something that you need at a certain time and if you don’t have it, you often inwardly grown. It is like baking paper or the right sized screwdriver. You need it then and there, or you want to start swearing at the universe.

This could be why the mighty stuff sells around 80 million units a year in the USA alone. It has a range of uses from DIY to arty projects.

If you still are not convinced that you should have a tube in the house, here are some practical uses that give super glue the title of wonderful!

Fixing Clothes

Super glue can be the difference between buying a new wardrobe item or fixing your clothes for a fraction of the cost. If your favorite shoe or belt is showing signs of wearing out, this can be heartbreaking. No need to cry, however, just use glue to fix it.

Glue is particularly effective at repairing clothes that are showing signs of fraying like belts. It stops straps and heels that are working loose from breaking. It sticks soles back together if they are coming apart in your shoes.

Good glue provides the basis for fixing clothes, so keeping a tube handy is recommended.

Repairing Upholstery

One of the great things about glue is that it often dries transparent. This makes it ideal for repairing small tears in furniture upholstery or preventing a tear from a frayed edge. The trick is only to use as much as you need and to wipe off excess quickly.

The better quality super glue comes with a good applicator allowing you to make better and more precise repairs.

 Super Glue! It’s Not Glamorous But It Is Wonderful!

Art Projects

If you have an arty side you will find a good glue invaluable. Screws, nails, and ropes can only go so far when you are trying to put a creation together. Glue, on the other hand, not only offers you a new assembler but it is far more discreet while still remaining strong. Try it.

Similarly, DIY projects can often be aided by using glue.

Fixing the Car

Like upholstery, super glue can fix the little things in your car. Your rearview mirror is working loose; no problem just stick it down with glue. There is a tear in the seat, say hello to your little friend. A tail light has cracked use glue to secure it until you can make a proper repair.

It has so many applications for your car, you may want to keep a tube in the glove box.

Split Wood

When wood splits, it can be difficult to repair it. It is also a sign the item’s life is coming to an end. Carpenters have ingeniously, use a worm blower to shoot the glue into the heart of the crack. Then, by applying clamps, close the crack to make the repair. You can do the same. Just remember to clean out the worm blower with hot water.

Super glue! It is not glamorous but as you can see, it is wonderful!