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5.5 designstudio rethinks tea machine for Lipton

Bertrand Noël

When Lipton asked 5.5 designstudio to come up with a revolutionary tea-maker, what immediately came to their mind was the scenario of a traditional tea preparation ceremony that nevertheless met the new consumer trend for pod-style hot beverage makers. The design team had to create something that evoked the tradition and preparation process of a great tea while offering a machine ideal for modern lifestyles that value efficiency.


The symbolism of a tea fountain that theatricalises the infusion process seemed the ideal basis for an object that embodies conviviality and generosity. 5.5 designstudio designed the lines of this machine as an elegant statuesque pediment, a refined backdrop for the infusion chamber that forms the nerve centre of the device. This swirling bubble of light, similar to a traditional glass teapot in which the tea-leaves release their flavour and aroma in an entrancing and fascinating dance,leaves release their flavour and aroma in an entrancing and fascinating dance, embodies the innovativeness of this machine.


Once infused, the tea-leaves simply return to the pod and the tea dispenses lightly into the cup thanks to the teapot-like design of the pour spout.

To best integrate with all interiors, 5.5 designstudi developed a range of four metallic colours in homage to the four main types of tea — white, red, green and black. This palette of colours gives T.O by Lipton a decorative quality ideal for kitchen as well as lounge, to enjoy tea at any time.


t-o-by-lipton-5-5-designstudio-rethinks-tea-machine-for-lipton-4 t-o-by-lipton-5-5-designstudio-rethinks-tea-machine-for-lipton-5 t-o-by-lipton-5-5-designstudio-rethinks-tea-machine-for-lipton-6

all images © Bertrand Noël courtesy of 5.5 designstudio | video courtesy of Lipton