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Tame the Scatterbrain: 5 To-Do List Items That Slip Movers’ Minds

It’s no surprise that packing up a lifetime’s worth of possessions can become aggravating. Moving to a new home is one of the most stressful experiences a person will undergo in their lifetime. Between financial challenges, family disagreements, and relocation logistics, moving is a high-pressure ordeal. Carefully preparing delicate dishware or antique furniture becomes precarious, let alone organizing their travel. Besides carefully shipping your beloved trinkets, movers must also anticipate issues like inadequate moving trucks, packing discrepancies, and inevitable damage. An inexperienced mover may waste precious time worrying about every possible obstacle, resulting in relocation restlessness.

The stress of moving is only exacerbated by disorganization. Poor time management and procrastination can spell disaster for movers. Cluttered areas overload the senses and divert attention away from crucial moving tasks. Feelings of guilt about disorganized behavior build up over time, leading to insurmountable chaos and a tumultuous moving process. Stress caused by disorganization impacts the relocation process, but it can also have lasting consequences on your mental sharpness. 

As the train conductor of your cross-country move, you’ll assume responsibility for confirming appointments, attending to deep-cleaning tasks, and orchestrating a crew of ready-to-work movers. Unfortunately, a minuscule amount of stress affects the way memories form. People with chronic anxiety or stress often report difficulties recalling short-term memories. For those homeowners flooded with pre-move anxiety, remembering last-minute errands (i.e., dropping your vehicle off at the nearest shipping port or packing a moving essentials box) can pose a challenge to the forgetful and frantic mover. 

Are you preparing for a big move? By taking these five essential steps, you’ll avoid the stress of moving and settle into your new home with ease. 

Arrange auto transportation services 

Transporting your beloved car often falls off first-time-movers’ radar.  While settling for the first car shipping service you encounter is a breeze, choosing a reputable provider takes careful consideration. After scouring the web for highly-reviewed auto transport services, like Guardian Auto Transport (www.guardianautotransport.com), you’ll need to cast your indecisive tendencies aside and act fast. 

To ensure your vehicle is safely transported to its new home, prep your car for the long-distance adventure ahead. For starters, clean the interior and exterior and remove any high-value items from the glove box and trunk. In the days leading up to shipment, check your car’s fluids and empty the fuel tank to a quarter full. This strategy will prevent you from incurring costly travel fees. 

 Tame the Scatterbrain: 5 To-Do List Items That Slip Movers’ Minds

Pet preparation

While ensuring your kids are ready for the cross-country relocation is typically top-priority, furry family members often fall to the wayside. Take steps to reduce your pet’s stress, like purchasing calm-inducing treats and travel-friendly harnesses. During long-distance trips, plan for plenty of pit stops for pups or transport litter boxes for feline friends. 

Transfer utilities

Not surprisingly, unexpected power outages can spoil a dilemma-free day of moving. Make sure to cancel your old power plan two to three days after you leave and activate your new plan a few days before arrival. To avoid the unnecessary expense of electric bills in a property you no longer own, plan ahead.

Pack an essentials box

There are certain things you’ll need readily accessible during your move. That said, pack important documents, toiletries, and prescription medications in boxes separate from those stashed in the storage truck. To ensure your moving essentials box fulfills your family’s needs, carefully curate a checklist with all the items you’ll be using on the day of your move. 

Alert caregivers 

Amongst the excitement of telling neighbors and friends about your upcoming move, you might forget about caregivers. Those that rely on you for business, such as housekeepers and nannies, deserve an adequate warning. Give tutors, pet sitters, and others a month’s notice before your move. Caregivers will be grateful for the heads up, allowing you to end on good terms. 

Bottom line 

Despite mental preparation and rousing anticipation, moving is undeniably stressful. Because this endless list of potential problems can debilitate anxious first-time movers, a proactive approach to relocation is non-negotiable. With these five mover’s tips and tricks, you will effortlessly step into the future with confidence.