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Tangle Side Table by nendo for Cappellini

Akihiro Yoshida

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2016, Japanese studio nendo has unveiled a new side table with just one leg that is twisted for Italian furniture brand Cappellini. By placing the leg of another table into the twisted section of the first, the two tables appear to be entwined together, as if holding hands. This relationship between the tables only becomes apparent through the pairing of multiple units.

“Tangle Table” is on display at Cappellini’s exhibition at “CAPPELLINI POINT” exhibition until April 17, 2016 (10.00-22.00) in Bastioni di Porta Nuova, 9 – Milan.

 tangle-side-table-by-nendo-for-cappellini-photo-by-Akihiro-Yoshida-2 tangle-side-table-by-nendo-for-cappellini-photo-by-Akihiro-Yoshida-3 tangle-side-table-by-nendo-for-cappellini-photo-by-Akihiro-Yoshida-4 tangle-side-table-by-nendo-for-cappellini-photo-by-Akihiro-Yoshida-5 tangle-side-table-by-nendo-for-cappellini-photo-by-Akihiro-Yoshida-6 tangle-side-table-by-nendo-for-cappellini-photo-by-Akihiro-Yoshida-7 tangle-side-table-by-nendo-for-cappellini-photo-by-Akihiro-Yoshida-8 tangle-side-table-by-nendo-for-cappellini-photo-by-Akihiro-Yoshida-9 tangle-side-table-by-nendo-for-cappellini-photo-by-Akihiro-Yoshida-10

all images © Akihiro Yoshida