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‘Tape Paris’ by Numen / For Use

Berlin-based art collective Numen / For Use employed 44kms of scotch in their latest installation called “Tape Paris”, at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, as part of the large ‘Inside‘ exhibition. ‘Inside’ offers visitors a passage to the interior of the self, for which the exhibition space serves as a metaphor. This immense odyssey, both physical and psychological, invites us to walk through two floors of the Palais de Tokyo that have been transformed by artists in such a way that, from one installation to the next, we remain constantly immersed in the works, which lead us within ourselves – from our skin to our most intimate thoughts.

The installation supported by fashion brand COS will be on display until 11 January, 2015 at Palais de Tokyo.

 2-tape-paris-installation-by-numen-for-use-at-palais-de-tokyo 3-tape-paris-installation-by-numen-for-use-at-palais-de-tokyo 4-tape-paris-installation-by-numen-for-use-at-palais-de-tokyo 5-tape-paris-installation-by-numen-for-use-at-palais-de-tokyo 6-tape-paris-installation-by-numen-for-use-at-palais-de-tokyo 7-tape-paris-installation-by-numen-for-use-at-palais-de-tokyo 8-tape-paris-installation-by-numen-for-use-at-palais-de-tokyo 9-tape-paris-installation-by-numen-for-use-at-palais-de-tokyo 10-tape-paris-installation-by-numen-for-use-at-palais-de-tokyo

images courtesy of COS + NUMEN / FOR USE