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Tapio Vases collection by Giorgio Bonaguro


Italian designer Giorgio Bonaguro will present next week at Wanted Design NYC a collection of handcrafted glass vases called ‘Tapio‘. These vases follow Bonaguro’s personal research on glass. Two of the most famous traditions in glass working are in Finland and in Italy, so this family of vases wants to be a homage to the work of nordic masters like Tapio Wirkkala, together with the work of italian glass blowers.


In the sixties and seventies wonderful pieces came out from the collaboration between designers and glass manufacturers. This was my inspiration so I tried to do a collection of vases with simple, archetypal shapes, but giving a modern taste ‘exagerating’ the heads and emphasizing with colors like metals told us Bonaguro.

Tapio vases will be presented at Wanted Design NYC, May 16-19 at Launch Pad.

3-tapio-vases-collection-by-giorgio-bonaguro 4-tapio-vases-collection-by-giorgio-bonaguro 5-tapio-vases-collection-by-giorgio-bonaguro 6-tapio-vases-collection-by-giorgio-bonaguro 7-tapio-vases-collection-by-giorgio-bonaguro