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Tarform Launches Its Retro-Styled Electric Motorcycle Tarform Luna

Tarform Luna 2021


Brooklyn-based mobility brand  Tarform has launched its first street-legal electric motorcycle that embodies design, technology, and sustainability. The Tarform Luna is designed for modularity where the battery pack can be upgraded as technology improves. The bodywork can be changed for a new style and software can be updated for a smarter ride. 

 Tarform Luna 2021

Tarform designed a technological layer that enhances safety. A radar acts as blindspot detection. Vibration through the seat alerts you of any vehicles in your blindspot. A rear-facing camera enables you to see what is behind you. 

At the end of the ride, the rider can view their statistics on the Tarform mobile app and get insights that can help to become a better and safer rider. 

 Tarform Luna 2021

The Tarform motorcycle is inspired by nature’s own intelligence. The bodywork is made from a flax seed weave that acts as a reinforcing mechanism to the composite panel construction. Aluminum is used for most components as it is 100 percent recyclable. The seat upholstery is made out of biodegradable vegan leather. 

Tarform is developing a new way of eliminating the need of paints and primers with a mono-material infused with algae- and iron-based metallic pigments. 

 Tarform Luna 2021

A perfect blend between the tall stance of a scrambler, the acceleration of a sportbike, and the comfortable all-round balance of a British classic. Tarform Luna is a machine built to travel over cobble streets to canyons without leaving a trace. 

In 2021 Tarform will begin deliveries of the Tarform Luna. The production series will be positioned in the premium market at a starting price of $24,000. 

 Tarform Luna 2021

The Tarform Founder Edition is a custom motorcycle that is made to order. A limited-edition of 54 machines hand-made in Brooklyn. Tarform uses top of the line suspension from Ohlins and performance brake systems from ISR. Each frame is TIG welded by hand. The body is hand-shaped out of recycled aluminum. 

If you would like more information about the Founder Edition, you can either register interest at Tarform.com.