Classic, authentic, original – and air-cooled. This is what the BMW R nineT models stand for. The new R nineT /5 provides another addition to the successful BMW Motorrad Heritage world of experience, this time with special historical roots: the model marks the 50th anniversary of the legendary /5 series and at the same time the start of BMW Motorrad production at the BMW plant in Berlin Spandau 50 years ago.


BMW automobile production increased enormously in the 1960s, so the decision was taken to build BMW motorcycles in Berlin. Operations got underway in 1969 with some 400 staff and a new series: the /5 models R 50/5, R 60/5 and R 75/5. With a completely newly developed chassis and engine along with a fresh, modern design, BMW made a lasting impact on the expanding motorcycle market of the time. The /5 models saw instant success, thrilling customers with a combination of riding dynamics on country roads and travel comfort.

 BMW R nineT /5

The new BMW motorcycles perfectly matched an age defined by upheaval, rock music and a powerful sense of freedom. As a reflection of this, a wide range of bold, bright body colours was available for the new /5 models. The BMW Motorrad anniversary model R nineT /5 not only marks the 50th anniversary of the /5 series and 50 years of BMW Motorrad production in Berlin Spandau, however. Fitted as standard with heated grips, the R nineT /5 also rekindles memories of that bygone era, bringing the /5 models back to life with nostalgic charm but in a contemporary form.

 BMW R nineT /5

The anniversary model features contemporary knee pads, for example, as well as an elaborate body finish in Lupine Blue metallic with smoke effect and double line marking on the fuel tank, which bears the anniversary emblem. Chrome for the rear mirrors and exhaust manifold are likewise hark back to the historical archetype, as does the double seat contoured in the style of the /5 with cross-embossing on the cover, grab straps and white piping as well as gaiters on the telescopic fork. The coating of the engine, gearbox, fork slider tubes, wheel hubs and spokes in Aluminium Silver also stylishly evokes the legendary /5 models, as do the components finished in black such as the frame and the propeller shaft casing.

 BMW R nineT /5

In the R nineT /5, BMW Motorrad rekindles the tradition and flair of the BMW /5 models. In doing so, the roadster combines the classic retro charm of its historic archetype with innovative modern technology – now as then with the longitudinally installed air-cooled 2-cylinder boxer engine – now established for more than nine decades – and with power transmission via universal-shaft drive. Like no other motorcycle engine, it enthrals riders with its unmistakably authentic design, its powerful torque and its unique, throaty sound.

The fuel tank with knee pads and elaborate paint finish in Lupine Blue metallic with smoke effect and double line marking rekindle memories of the historic role model – the BMW /5 series motorcycles. The particularly high-end finish in hand-crafted quality is reflected not just in the multiple masking and finish on the fuel tank.

 BMW R nineT /5

The smoke effect in Deep Sea Blue metallic is also applied purely by hand, serving as a finely detailed underlay for the double line markings applied in Lightwhite. The same double line markings also adorned the R 75/5 in its day and they are also featured on the front mudguard of the R nineT /5, likewise finished in Lupine Blue metallic. Finally, the anniversary character of the R nineT /5 is emphasized with a “50 Jahre /5” emblem on the top of the fuel tank.

An extensive BMW Motorrad program is available to individualize the R nineT /5. BMW Motorrad optional equipment is supplied directly ex-works and integrated in the production process. Original BMW Accessories are installed by the BMW Motorrad dealer or by customers themselves. These are features which can be retrofitted, too.