As anyone with mobility issues is aware, or anyone that cares for someone with mobility issues, there are many aspects of daily life which can be incredibly challenging. From getting dressed in the morning all the way through to going upstairs to go to bed, mobility issues can interfere with your independence and ability to manage day-to-day chores.


The good news is that things are improving and at quite a rapid rate too. This is largely thanks to the amazing technological advances that have happened in recent times. Technology has transformed many areas of life and nowhere more so than mobility. There are many amazing gadgets and bits of equipment that can make daily tasks simple and safe for those with a wide range of mobility issues.

 How Technology is Developing to the Needs of Those Restricted by Mobility

Rise Recliner Chairs

There are many great examples of how technology is helping those with a mobility issue, such as a rise recliner chair from places like Mobility Solutions. These cleverly designed chairs can make it easier for an individual to stand up from the chair with a tilt feature (getting in and out of chairs can be a huge task for someone with a mobility issue).


There are many other gadgets and aids which can be used around the home to give independence to those with mobility issues. Not only this, but there are many adaptations that can be made to automobiles which can allow someone with a disability to drive. A few good examples include hand controlled pedals and a joystick steering wheel.

 How Technology is Developing to the Needs of Those Restricted by Mobility

The Future

It will be intriguing to see what the future holds in terms of mobility solutions as there is already so much ground that has been covered. Innovative companies like Toyota have already unveiled a few of their plans which will certainly improve the lives of many who struggle with mobility. This includes impressive technology like a self-balancing, intelligent wheelchair, a mobile exoskeleton and various other items which will help those with a wide range of mobility issues.

 How Technology is Developing to the Needs of Those Restricted by Mobility

Staying Current

The key is to try and keep up with these changes so that you can make sure that you are getting the best assistance you need to overcome physical limitations. You can do this by regularly checking retailers selling mobility equipment, by signing up to newsletters, by attending industry events, and by following key figures/organizations on social media.

Mobility issues can be incredibly frustrating and interfere with many areas of life. Technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent times and one of the areas that has benefited most from these advances has been mobility solutions. Fortunately, government initiatives programs like the NDIS plan in Australia help disabled individuals live a better lifestyle by providing funds to avail these technologies. There are many excellent bits of equipment and gadgets that can make daily tasks and chores much easier and safe for those with mobility problems and this looks set to continue over the coming years.