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Tesla Unveils its $35,000 USD Model 3


Tesla has finally introduced its highly anticipated Model 3. Like every Tesla, Model 3 is engineered to combine range, performance, safety and utility. Smart design maximizes interior space, to comfortably fit five adults and all of their gear. Tesla makes fast cars, Model 3 is no exception. The high efficiency electric motor provides zero to 60 mph acceleration in less than six seconds. And when equipped with electric all-wheel drive, Tesla Model 3 provides safe and dependable traction in all conditions.

Designed with safety as a priority, Tesla Model 3 will be the safest car in its class. This, combined with over 200 miles of range while starting price at $35,000 USD, makes Tesla Model 3 a unique mid-size sedan. Tesla Model 3 will begin production in late 2017, ramping Tesla vehicle production to 500,000 vehicles per year.

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all images and video courtesy of Tesla