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The 4 Best Living Room Blinds

The 4 Best Living Room Blinds

The living room is the hub of the home, the sanctuary. It’s where you put your feet up and watch some telly or unwind after a long day, so having a lack of privacy, glaring street lights or ancient net curtains in your window is bound to make you feel like your living room just isn’t quite what it’s supposed to be. Here’s our 4 favourite blinds that will instantly improve your living room if your window covering game is lacking. You can see the full range of blinds talked about in this blog, and even order free samples, over at makemyblinds.co.uk.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

A hugely popular choice, and available in both real wood and PVC faux wood, these blinds are timeless, stylish and offer excellent privacy and light control. Another great thing about these blinds is their versatility, you could go with all white blinds for a modern, scandi vibe, or choose some rustic, brown, real wood blinds for more of a farmhouse feel. If you’re after that ‘shutter look’ but aren’t willing to splash the cash, then wooden Venetian blinds are a great alternative, particularly if you go for a version with decorative tapes. A final perk of these blinds is how easy they are to clean, as they are not made of fabric you can simply wipe them down with a damp cloth every so often to keep them looking brand new. 

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are for those looking to add more of a soft, cosy atmosphere to their living room. Another beauty of roman blinds is the fact that you can have a choice of linings, thermal, blackout or even light filtering depending on whether your priority is to keep your room as warm as possible, or to block out the glare from street lights and cars in the evening. It’s also worth mentioning that the roman blinds’ mechanism allows them to have a visually pleasing cascading effect when you lower them, which is a nice little bonus. They come in a huge variety of rich bold colours, unique designs and vintage-style prints, so there is endless combinations to choose from, which sometimes can make it difficult to pick the best fit for your living room, but you can always check websites like Sussex blinds to see which ones you like the most.

 The 4 Best Living Room Blinds

Roller Blinds

A very affordable choice, roller blinds are well known for their huge range of colours and patterns, if you’re looking to jazz up your living room with a floral print or striped pattern, then roller blinds are your best bet. Another perk of these blinds is the ease of installation, all it takes is 4 screws and 10-20 minutes of your time and boom, they’re up. Similar to roman blinds you also have a choice of fabric and material, from blackout blinds which stop any light seepage, to voile fabric which will offer privacy while ensuring the light can still shine through. 

Vertical Blinds

Another affordable option, these blinds are great if you’ve got a very big window to cover as they can be made wider than the previous options we’ve discussed. Similar to venetian blinds, vertical blinds offer two different ways to control the lighting, you can tilt the slats themselves to filter the light, or you can fully open and close blinds by sliding them left or right along the track. 

In conclusion, the blinds you choose for your living room will depend on your style preferences, as well as what problems you are currently facing. Some may live on a busy road so privacy will be the number one priority, whereas for someone living in a remote cottage in the countryside this may not be an issue. Our 4 recommendations are practical and should cover all bases, regardless of your interior style.