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The Al Fresco Architect – Designing the Perfect Outdoor Hangout Spot

The Al Fresco Architect - Designing the Perfect Outdoor Hangout Spot

Do you love to spend time with your friends and family? There’s nothing quite like it is there? Sharing food, drink and laughter with those that are closest to you. There are heaps of benefits to this – less stress, longevity, emotional wellbeing and a feeling of social connection. It really does pay to kill time with your loved ones. And what better place to hang out than in your backyard. But not everyone has a set up that’s fit for a good time, so let’s discover how you can become an alfresco architect and design the perfect outdoor space.

Get Comfortable

You want your guests, and yourself, to be comfortable while you spend time in your yard. That’s why you need shade in the summer and heating in the winter. A natural gas heater is a great and affordable way to keep warm in the winter while still enjoying the benefits of hanging out outside, or you could try an electric patio heater with quite good heating coverage. Just huddle up next to it and while away the hours. For the summer months, you can either invest in a shade cloth or install a pergola or a patio cover. This way, you can avoid the sun’s harsh rays and sunburn while still enjoying all the warmth that the summer months have to offer.

Consider Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. These can range from a small Weber BBQ with an outdoor setting to a complete built-in multi-burner BBQ and tables and chairs. What you opt for will depend on a few variables like your budget, the size of your yard and your personal preference. But being able to fry up some meat, serve a salad or two and never leave your outdoor space to eat is truly an incredible experience.

 The Al Fresco Architect - Designing the Perfect Outdoor Hangout Spot

Invest in a Water Feature

A beautiful water feature is a great touch to add to your alfresco area. Depending on the layout of your yard, it can either be a dazzling centerpiece, or it can be a modest one tucked away in a corner. You can opt for a full stone fountain or a small pond with a pump. It’s up to you and your budget and tastes. The sound of bubbling water will soothe your soul as you spend time in your yard with your nearest and dearest.

Couches and Lounges

If you have the room, consider putting in a couch or a lounge. Of course, you’ll want this to be undercover, so it doesn’t get exposed to the elements. This type of seating is more comfortable than most outdoor settings and will be great to relax and kick back on. Decorate them with a few choice throw cushions that either contrast or match the colour of your furniture.

 The Al Fresco Architect - Designing the Perfect Outdoor Hangout Spot

A Swing Chair

A swing chair is another great addition to your alfresco area. It is very relaxing to sit and swing and while away the hours. You can curl up and read, watch a film on your tablet or sit next to your spouse or housemate and just chat. Swing chairs are available at most major hardware and outdoor stores, and you can pick one up for a decent price if you look around.

An Outdoor Overture

Make sure that your guests, and you are comfortable by installing some shade and heating. Investigate the option of an outdoor kitchen so you can cook, dine and chill out in your yard. A water feature can be a great way to add a dash of ambience to your outdoor space, and some comfortable couches or lounges wouldn’t go astray either. Finally, a swing chair is a welcome addition to any backyard hangout area.