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The Best Features to Look for in a Slush Machine

The Best Features to Look for in a Slush Machine

Since its inception in the late 1950s, slush drinks have become a crowd favorite for their slurpy texture, cold treat, and delicious taste enjoyed by people of all ages alike. These iconic frozen beverages combine the best elements of a drink and a solid ice pop.

If you are thinking of starting a slushie business or having one already, you must have a quality slush machine and the right supplies. And best of all, you cannot say no to a smooth and cool drink from a slush machine right on your kitchen counter.

Here are some more exciting features that you should look for when you buy a slushie machine.

Capacity Of The Machine

You cannot merely know what size of Slush machine to get. Based on the usage, business, and how many people you plan to serve, you can decide how many slushies you need. 

Also, consider when the peak hour is while you decide the capacity of the machine. 

  • For single bowls, you can get a 1-3 gallons capacity machine. 
  • For double bowls, you can get a 4-6 gallons capacity machine.
  • For triple bowls, you get a 7-8 gallons capacity machine.

It is purely subjective, depending on your needs.

Single-Use Or Multi-Use

Most of the slush machines serve slush singularly. But there are a few types of equipment that are not limited to other possibilities. A few models have the features to serve other frozen delights like cocktails, iced teas, milkshakes, and frappuccinos. 

As all these treats require freezing, some models have a combined refrigeration system to refrigerate any beverages. Depending on where you will use the slush machine, you can choose a model with or without this feature.

 The Best Features to Look for in a Slush Machine

Quality Of The Machine

Quality does not come cheap. Though it can be tempting to invest in a more affordable machine at that moment, you cannot decide it easily. When you buy a slush machine, check its durability. Always keep your standards high and make sure that the device meets the conditions.

You can say it was the right purchase decision only if the machine lives long, so don’t compromise when it comes to quality. Once you invest in a slushie machine, you will, of course, expect a good return on investment. For that, you must choose a slush machine that is strong, durable, and provides longevity; only then you get the value for money. 

Style Of The Machine

The basic style of any Slush Machine is the same. But there are a few small changes that can alter how you use the machine. The machine’s base is built using stainless steel, which gives it strength and rigidity to carry the loaded tanks.

The bowls and tanks are built using shockproof plastic. The tank comes in different variations of designs and styles. The materials vary depending on the manufacturer. Based on where you will locate the machine, choose either angular designs or rounded edges style.

The Actual Taste Of The Slush

Granitas, frozen cocktails, or dairy-based products, no matter which variant you serve, the product’s taste is what decides the experience. In many cases, you may slack when it comes to taste. Not your mistake, but when you are caught up in choosing the equipment, it is natural to forget what matters.

But the taste of the slush should be on top of your list. If you are a business, there are high risks of losing customers if you serve slushies that don’t taste good. Buy a product that will offer long-lasting flavors to keep the customers hooked.

 The Best Features to Look for in a Slush Machine

Different Flavors

When it comes to taste, everyone has different palates. But sweetness is something that everyone likes. Though people always go for bright red or blue slushies, you cannot limit your flavors to just the two. Choose the right supplier who can offer a variety of flavors. 

Fruity flavored beverages are something everyone likes in a slushie. Like this, you can also offer seasonal flavors, which can boost your business, especially during festive periods.

Right Accessories

Instead of spending heaps of money when your slush machine is damaged, invest it in the initial stages to protect the device. Low-quality slush syrups, improper water filtration systems, and electricity can cause irreparable damage to the slush machine.

Buy specially formulated slush syrups that can protect the machine and give it a longer life. Purchase a quality water filtration system and run the device on the right voltages to safeguard it from electricity damages.

Be it for your personal or commercial use, make an informed buying choice to enjoy its benefits on a hot summer day in the form of a slushie or start a successful slushie business to reap maximum benefits.