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The Best Pool Trends We Expect To See In The Future

The Best Pool Trends We Expect To See In The Future

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos|Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Summer is here. You want to spend the hot days lazing and cooling off with your family and friends. So what best can you do?

Adding a swimming pool to your backyard can be a great way to spend the warmer months happily. Don’t think you are late if you’ve not yet started working on your yard. Pools today can be built and installed in no time, so just make up your mind and act fast.

If you are considering pool options for your home, a Fibreglass pool can be an excellent choice. Fibreglass pools offer exceptional look, are easy to install and clean. Contact your local pool builder and get an amazing pool for your family this summer.

We will help you design your pool space regardless of whether your pool is renovated or newly built. Here are some great pool trends you can consider to transform your pool area into a luxury resort.

Ledge Loungers

Installing ledge loungers can absolutely transform the appeal of your backyard. The loungers look contemporary and luxurious and can add a dash of style to your pool space. They are also a great option to simply relax and get a tan. These are available in a range, so you don’t need to accept those old, standard ones. Umbrellas, plain seaters, or rockers, you get to choose from the variety. Watch over your kids in the pool while feeling the sun rays warming your body.

Add Waterfalls and Fountains

Cross all your imagination boundaries to bring alive your thoughts and pool dreams. One instant way to upgrade your backyard pool area is to add a couple of water features such as bubblers and fountains. You can also choose to create a water wall if you have a large pool and an extensive yard. The modern water features align with varied tastes and personalities and can be installed to sync with any backyard theme.

Water features are decorative, create mesmerizing sounds, and offer an extraordinary look. Talk to your pool company for more ideas on water features. These pool features are the trend and will stay for the near future.

Dark Pools

If you are considering white, light blue, or green hues for pool finish, think again. These colors are no doubt lovely but people of late are more inclined towards darker hues. That’s right. Dark pool finishes are setting the trend this year.

Dark pools bring in a unique aesthetic, setting your pool apart from the rest of the pools in your neighborhood. They are also practical and easy to maintain since dirt and debris are not easily visible. Most importantly, dark hues retain the heat better, helping you save huge on energy bills.

Natural elements for a rustic vibe

If you are interested in creating a lagoon-themed pool, we suggest you incorporate some natural elements into your pool space. Rocks, lush plants, and wood can be ideal options. Installing rock waterfalls and antique-looking wooden furniture can also serve as decorative options. All these elements together can create a rustic vibe that we assure, looks extremely out of the ordinary.

Lagoon-themed pools are already here and have been able to raise eyebrows. If you want a unique backyard too, get creative and design the best. You can seek help from pool professionals to design the ultimate rustic pool.

 The Best Pool Trends We Expect To See In The Future

Sleek and Seamless Edges

A seamless pool edge is an alluring single transition that flows around the water. Pools with seamless edges offer a minimal yet modern look. They come with no gaps or headers, giving you ample opportunity to blend the pool with your backyard.

Shallow Pools

Typically, pools are built with shallow depth on one end which gets deeper as it moves towards the other end. This kind was until recently the trend. However, the preferences of people are changing of late. Pool buyers today prefer full shallow pools, which means the pools feature shallow depths at all ends with no varying depths.

Shallow pools are safe and more ideal for practicing laps and sports activities. They are best suited for homes with small children and older citizens. These pools are also the best option if you have a small pool budget.

Small Pool

If you think getting a smaller pool for your yard makes it look less luxurious, you are wrong. In fact, smaller pools are the trend in 2021. Even people having large yards are considering building a small pool and using the rest of the space for hosting parties and events. If your budget permits, you can even plan a small outdoor kitchen, a lovely green garden, and a comfortable dining area.

Multicolor LED Lighting

LED lighting is a smart choice for enhancing the appeal of your pool area. Get a few multicolor LED smart lights for your pool and create the ambiance you want. These lights are adjustable, so you can set the mood and experience pool time just the way you want.

Easy, Self-Cleaning Pools

People today have no time for manual pool cleaning. They are also fed up with handling heavy pool cleaning equipment. Further, owning a pool requires pool owners to regularly test the water, use appropriate chemicals and ensure the pool is swim-safe. If you are thinking twice because of the risk involved in pool maintenance, here’s some good news.

There are self-cleaning pools available today that greatly reduce your cleaning burden. By choosing such a system, you can keep your pool neat and tidy without having to use any equipment or do hand vacuuming.

Self-Monitoring Pools

Today, there are self-monitoring, testing, and automatic dosing pool systems on the market. This means you don’t need to scratch your head time and again over testing water and adding chemicals manually. This system also avoids over dosage, while keeping your pool clean and glowing all the time.

If you are planning on getting a smart pool for your home, start looking for your pool builder right away. The pool trends discussed above will also help you create the pool space you dreamed of.