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The Best Ways to Improve Your Home Office Set Up 

The Best Ways to Improve Your Home Office Set Up 

Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

The coronavirus pandemic brought with it a lot of changes, some of which were more welcome than others. The methods surrounding digital marketing are changing due to less brand loyalty, the high street has moved online, pubs and restaurants had to adapt to allow for delivery as a primary means of income, and, of course, people have started working from home. 

Despite the fact that we currently seem to be basking in the light at the end of a tunnel that we’ve spent that last 18 months heading toward, it appears working from home is here to stay. Many organizations (big and small) have confirmed they are going to be implementing flexible working as a much more permanent structure. This has been met with mixed reviews from bosses and employees alike, but regardless of this, you may want to consider sprucing up that home office of yours. 

This article will discuss some of the top ways that you can improve the set-up of your home office. 

Let Natural Light in 

Not having access to natural light can really put a downer on your mood, so it’s important you have access to it in your home office. If your work involves talking on the phone to people and you don’t want to be making eye contact with passing strangers as you do it, that’s fine, as there are plenty of accessories available that let in light as well as block you from view. Consider the made-to-measure window blinds from Westminster, for example, as these are adjustable so that you can let light through cracks but don’t have to be on display in front of the whole street while you’re working. 

 The Best Ways to Improve Your Home Office Set Up 

Get a Strong Connection 

Working from home means Zoom meetings and phone calls, so you are going to want a strong connection to make sure you’re not missing anything. Not to mention, you will most likely need to connect to the WIFI to actually do your job in the first place. There is nothing more stressful than a dodgy connection stopping you from doing your work, so make sure you are hooked up to one of the best internet providers available. 

Make Yourself Comfortable 

You can never underestimate the importance of a comfortable chair. If you have the wrong seating arrangement that leads to discomfort, not only will it make your job harder to do, it could also lead to long-term issues such as back and neck problems. If you are finding yourself getting up or having to shift every five minutes to get yourself comfortable, you definitely need to rethink what you are sitting on to work. 


With the pandemic having many impacts on our lives, and as some of those impacts appear here to stay, it’s certainly worth taking the time to assess your home office and decide whether or not you think it is working for you. If you are having issues with your connection, lighting, or seating, these can, over a long period of time, make your work incredibly uncomfortable, so it is worth addressing those issues as soon as possible.