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Vincent Leroy Unveils New Amazing Moving Installation in Wuhan

The Blue Floating Lines, Wuhan, CN / Vincent Leroy

Vincent Leroy

French artist Vincent Leroy has unveiled a new monumental moving installation — curated by Debut Studio — in Wuhan, China, dubbed ‘The Blue Floating Lines’. “The atmosphere is fluid, soft and endless. No beginning, no end, just a continuous flow,” says the artist.

With this new installation, Vincent Leroy puts the spectator in contemplation. These blue floating lines in the sky are like an endless spiral. Everything seems spatial detached from all constraints. This new work navigates between poetry, technology and freedom of spirit. “It as ‘a reflection on our relationship with the speed and distance of reality‘ and ‘a search for the natural rhythm of its own internal harmony‘…so essential in today’s world,” explains Leroy.



These installations are not only visual but experiential – engaging and connecting mind, body, and soul. “Simple movements are always at the base of my works” explains the French artist to urdesign. “I start with an experiment, some assembled light materials. Then a click occurs and shows me the way to go. I am surprised as much as the spectator of the magic who gets free of these moments. It is necessary to get the unexpected and then to analyze it to be able to exploit him and integrate him into the works. It’s a work from the slowness, a abnormally slowness. This motion decomposition explains and intrigues at the same time. The slowness creates another dimension. I try to lead the spectator into this state of mind. He may become surprised as much as me when i discover these precious experimental moments.”

 The Blue Floating Lines, Wuhan, CN / Vincent Leroy