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The Complete Guide to Garage Upgrades: 5 Ideas to Boost Home Value

The Complete Guide to Garage Upgrades: 5 Ideas to Boost Home Value

When beginning the pre-market preparations, homeowners brainstorming ways to boost their resale value may find themselves struck by a case of tunnel vision, leading them to zero in on kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms in hopes of grab buyer’s attention. While accentuating and staging these critical interior spaces is a must, be cautious not to shovel all your time and resources into these main living areas. Although it may seem like a low-priority pre-sale task, staging your garage before selling your home can positively impact your resale value and entice buyers looking for added touches. 

Luckily, most renovations are inexpensive and straightforward to install, like upgraded storage or enhanced lighting. Although, if you’re looking to transform your garage from dingy to eye-catching, swapping out your electric door or epoxying your floors may be necessary. 

If you’re unsure where to turn to take your garage space to the next level, read on for five carport upgrades sure to boost your home value.

Stage accordingly

While you may have repurposed your garage as a holding cell for dust-coated trinkets and your rusty tool kits, it’s time to breathe new life into your vehicles’ full-time residence. Otherwise, you may find yourself parting ways with a prospective buyer who prides him or herself on a well-kept and spacious garage. 

To stage your garage space for showings, start by decluttering and giving these concrete slabs a deep scrub. As a next step, stock up on aesthetically pleasing storage units. Once you’ve raided the plastic bin aisle of your local home improvement store, consider purchasing a new freezer to increase selling value. 

While purchasing a new refrigerator may seem like a small step towards a sold sign, it can make a huge difference to buyers. Often, garages feature chest freezers, seemingly ideal for additional food storage. However, between disorganized frozen goods, bending to reach the bottom, and digging for the correct item, chest freezers are often annoying and dysfunctional for everyday use. Not to mention, they’ll monopolize precious real estate in your already cramped and potentially cluttered garage space. With more floor space visible to buyers’, they’ll be able to capture a clear picture of the possibilities and feel confident signing a contract, knowing their dream garage is a mortgage agreement away. 

If you’re looking to make the switch, consider a high-quality freezer from Goedeker’s for a long-lasting appliance. 

 The Complete Guide to Garage Upgrades: 5 Ideas to Boost Home Value

Replace your garage door

An excellent way to grab buyer’s attention when selling your home is swapping out your old, outdated garage door for a new, modern model. Not only will this ensure the mechanics are fresh and working error-free, but it will also boost your curb appeal, especially if you go with an eye-catching model. Between frosted windows, wooden detailing, and carriage-style doors, there’s a solution for every style of home. 

Add additional electrical outlets

An often overlooked feature of any well-oiled garage space is ample electrical outlets available for any projects, charging needs, or extension chords. Contracting an electrician to install additional outlets to each wall will entice buyers, especially those with workspaces in their garages. Make sure the ports are weatherproof and installed in easy-to-reach to ensure maximal functionality.

Revamp your flooring

Most well-loved garages feature oil stains, cracked cement, and grime from years of vehicles and crafting endeavors. If your garage floor is looking worse for wear, consider replacing worn-down cement with epoxy flooring for easy clean-up and stain-free surfaces. Epoxy is a durable sealant that protects against foot traffic, oil spills, dust, and general wear-and-tear, leaving your garage looking fresh and clean long-term. 

Upgrade your storage

When selling your home, it’s essential to eradicate clutter before hosting showings, as crowded spaces are a turn-off for potential buyers. The same goes for your garage space. Unfortunately, closed-off carports are often a dumping ground for items without a proper home, leaving many garages littered with a mess. Lucky, there are efficient storage solutions specifically for garage spaces. Consider purchasing large plastic containers to store additional objects in, install ceiling hooks to hang rarely-used items, and invest in heavy-duty wire shelving to slot away any extra clutter hanging around. 

Wrapping up

If you’re looking for additional ways to boost your home value, consider renovating your garage space with new and improved flooring, electric doors, and storage solutions. In the end, investing time and money into your garage will set you apart from the competition.