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The Difference Between Security Systems and Burglar Alarms

Do you think burglar alarms are sufficient enough to protect your home? If you don’t have a clear answer to that question, this post is for you.

Most homes are equipped with burglar alarms because they are simple and basic enough to alert homeowners about intruders and trespassers. However, times have changed and more and more security precautions and protocols are necessary to fully protect one’s home and property. Now, people are not just limited to the option of availing burglar alarms. From CCTV to a monitored alarm system, recent technological developments have made it easier for more and more people to fully and effectively protect their loved ones, home, and property. There are now massive options of security measures that one can avail of.

The Main Difference

A burglar alarm can effectively alert you when intruders break-in but it does not offer complete protection. If you want complete, comprehensive, robust, and foolproof protection from bad agents, you should have a security system.

A security system and a burglar alarm are two completely different things. For one, a security system is far more technologically advanced than a simple burglar alarm. It’s composed of different elements and factors as opposed to a burglar alarm that only has one sole function.

A burglar alarm is basic while a security system is more comprehensive. To get a full understanding on how different the two can be, do read on to know the main benefits that a security system offers

What You Get From a Security System

A security system provides more protection. With a security system in place, you’d definitely sleep well at night as all your security concerns will be tended to and accounted for. Across all points. You will simply have no reason whatsoever to worry over your security. 

If you want to get the most out of a security system, it’s best to look for a security company that can easily set-up everything for you. A dedicated security company will advise you on the best device to purchase, the best possible placement and layout of devices, and the number of necessary monitors and sensors for your house. With a comprehensive security system in place, both the outside and inside of your house will be fully protected. A Perth burglar alarm company like Casa Security can fully help you as they will take care of all your security system needs, from purchase to installation and even maintenance.

Opting to have a security company to help you set-up your security system will allow you to reap the following to have professional certification and evaluation from a dedicated expert.

Working with a security company will give you the chance to exclusively work with a security expert. Such a security expert will dedicate time and effort to ensuring that your security system is in tip-top shape. Your home will be fully evaluated for you to get the right devices and services. Your exclusive security expert will sit down with you and exhaustively discuss the following:

  • Your biggest risks
  • Ways on how to deal with your biggest risks
  • The entire installation, set-up, and maintenance process for your security system

 The Difference Between Security Systems and Burglar Alarms

1. Advanced Wireless Security Technology

A security system is more complex than a burglar alarm that simply goes off when someone breaks in. It is made up of advanced wireless technology that is more stable and reliable. The robust set-up of a wireless security system will also make your home more efficient as it can even be connected to appliances and different electronic devices.

2. Real-time Monitoring

A security system will give you next-level security because it will allow you to have access to real-time monitoring. Today’s security system now uses cellular technology so access and deployment can be as quick as a mobile phone call or a text message. As cellular data is now utilized by security systems, you can be sure that you have full control of your home’s security in just a click.

3. Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is the ultimate answer to everyone’s security worries. With one, you can be sure that every single thing is monitored. This aspect is a giant factor in itself that is separate from burglar alarms. A complete security system will give you access to 24/7 video surveillance that allows for continuous recording and monitoring of all premises. Having one is like having your eyes opened even when you’re not home or you’re fast asleep.

4. Sensors

Having a robust security system will allow you to place sensors all over your property. Sensors are far more advanced than regular burglar alarms. Regular burglar alarms can only deal with break-ins while sensors can deal with fire, poison, and more.

As sensors are more complex, they can be easily set to detect water levels, carbon monoxide levels, and more. Such a factor goes above and beyond what a regular burglar alarm can do. Not only will sensors alert you, but they will also easily tell you what the exact problem is. When it comes to security, having the right information at the quickest possible time is more urgent. This is something that sensors can totally boost and work with. Hence, a security system that comes with intelligent sensors is way better than a regular burglar alarm system.

Opt for Complete Protection

Today’s technology now makes it possible and more affordable for anyone to fully protect his or her home, property, and loved ones. Choose well and opt for security precautions that allow for complete and total protection. You need to choose carefully because the security and safety of your home, property, and loved ones rest in your hands.