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The Dos & Don’ts of Locksmithing

The Dos & Don’ts of Locksmithing

The craft of locksmithing has been in existence since locks were first invented some 2,500 years ago. Today, of course, the locksmithing trade has evolved to include a lot more specialized services apart from lockpicking and lock repair. 

The rapid pace of technological progress has resulted in significant innovation when it comes to lock and key systems. Modern digital locks, deadbolts, and other heavy-duty door and window locks are now commonly found in both residential and commercial properties for increased safety and security.

Even our keys today are different from what they once used to be. Today, in most upscale residential neighbourhoods such as the one in Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA, you are likely to find a lot more homes that are fitted with digital locks that can be unlocked using a smartphone or by entering a pin code rather than using a traditional key.

The residents of this upscale neighbourhood take matters of personal safety and security very seriously. Most residential and commercial properties found in this picturesque and quiet neighbourhood are fitted with security systems, cameras, motion sensors, and other smart safety devices that not only deter intruders and thieves but also help keep the property safe from fires and vandalism.

If you currently reside in Jamaica Plain or are wanting to move to this historic and lively neighbourhood here are a few dos and don’ts on locksmithing services and companies that you simply must know.

The Dos & Don’ts When Faced with A Lock & Key issue

9/10 times we require the services of a professional locksmith in an emergency situation. Whether we are locked out of our home, office, or vehicle calling a professional locksmith to our aid is often the best decision one can make. But there are instances when one should think twice about calling a Jamaica Plain locksmith.

It is quite natural to panic in an emergency lockout situation. Maybe it is late at night or you are already running late for that meeting and have ended up losing or misplacing your car keys. These situations can make anyone anxious causing them to panic and do silly things.

If one ever encounters a lockout situation the first thing to remember is that these incidents are very common and can happen to anyone at any time. The best thing to do is to take a deep breath and see whether the issue can be resolved without having to call in a professional locksmith.

For example, if you find yourself locked out of your own house it is always a good idea to first check the windows, backdoor, and garage door just to make sure one of them isn’t unlocked. If by luck it is then you can simply get in that way without having to call in a locksmith and paying the callout fees.

Another common mistake that most people do in an emergency lockout situation is that they panic and call multiple locksmith companies to their aid. Jamaica Plain Locksmiths are thorough professionals and will respond to any emergency call in under 20 minutes. You just have to trust that they will be there even though we understand that might be hard to do given your situation.

However, by calling different companies and requesting assistance you are likely going to be charged a call-out fee from each company you call regardless of whether the team arrived first or last. Such instances can also cause unnecessary conflict between technicians on-site and can easily complicate matters to a further degree. To avoid such incidents always call upon a trusted and credible local locksmith company such as Local Locksmith MA that is sure to arrive at your location promptly and help you get out of whatever jam you may find yourself in.

If you have called a locksmith already and then figured out a way to get in or found your keys don’t wait for the technician to arrive. Call the company back immediately and explain to them the situation. If the technician is still some distance away you may get lucky and not have to pay anything but if you wait for the technician to arrive you will most likely have to pay at least the callout fee as it costs money for technicians to arrive at your location wherever that may be. 

The other ‘don’t’ that many of us are guilty of is calling in a technician for a matter that doesn’t really require a callout. Let’s say one of your window locks or door locks is giving your problems or you need new keys made for them. Instead of calling a technician to your home you can simply unscrew the lock and take it with you to a locksmith who can repair or replace it on site. This will save you quite a lot of money as you won’t have to pay the call-out fees or any other hidden charges.

Remember all locksmiths charge a call-out fee. Even though these fees can vary drastically from company to company. The call-out fees are important as it costs technicians time and money to drive down to your location.

 The Dos & Don’ts of Locksmithing

When to Call A Professional Locksmith Company

Changing locks and keys is inevitable. Like all things, locks and keys deteriorate over time. Sometimes locks can be repaired, and keys remade but over time as locking mechanisms fade it is always best to consider upgrading your door and window locks for that continued peace of mind and security.

Sometimes changing locks can be unavoidable. If you are having any sort of lock and key issue you should call upon a professional Jamaica Plain locksmith to take a look. These skilled professionals are highly trained experts and can either replace or repair your lock on-site using the latest tools and equipment.

Modern automobiles come equipped with the latest lock and key systems. If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle and you own a model that is equipped with automatic door locks, transponder keys, or other modern locking mechanisms do not attempt to unlock the vehicle on your own. 

Modern digital locks can be sensitive to force and if you have an alarm system installed in your car (which most vehicles do nowadays) you will create a lot of noise without really getting anywhere. The best thing to do in such an instance is to call a professional locksmith that has the equipment and skills needed to unlock a modern vehicle lock and get you on your way.

When installing or replacing locks at your home or place of business it is also highly recommended to call in a professional locksmith. If incorrectly installed locks can malfunction over time and can even damage your door and wall arches. If you have no prior experience when it comes to installing locks leave it to the professionals as doing it yourself is only going to compromise your home’s security.

Other instances where you might find the need to call in a locksmith is when you need a safe or vault installed. Local Locksmith MA specializes in many of these obscure and highly skilled services and can assist in the installation of concealed safes and vaults to better protect your valuables and firearms. 

Some locksmith providers also offer security systems installation and upgrades. A team of highly specialized and certified locksmiths can be called upon to beef up your home’s security by installing motion sensors, cameras, deadbolts, fire alarms, or even a new security panel if your old one is out of date. 

For simple matters such as getting a set of duplicate keys made or getting a set of old locks rekeyed it is best to visit your local locksmith at their retail location rather than calling them in as you can easily avoid the added call-out charges.

Another way you can avoid paying additional charges is to book an appointment during the day rather than calling a locksmith late at night or early in the morning when the matter at hand is not altogether that urgent. Booking a locksmith appointed at odd hours or during holidays can result in added costs so always make sure to keep these things in mind before calling in.

Final Thoughts

A home is a place of safety, peace, love, and happiness. Ensuring that it is kept safe and protected from both natural and man-made dangers is the responsibility of every homeowner. That is why it is important to put in a little time and effort into beefing up your home’s security as it can save you from future distress. And the best way to do that is to call upon a trusted, reliable, and affordable Jamaica Plain locksmith company.

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