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The Epic Driftmob featuring BMW M235i

With its Epic Driftmob, BMW has reimagined the ‘Flash Mob’ for its new commercial capturing the driving pleasure on film. The BMW M235i Coupe, which offers the extremely intensive experience of superior dynamics, recently put on a spectacular performance in the centre of the South African metropolis Cape Town. The city’s streets became a stage for a “drift mob show” featuring the BMW M235i Coupe, professional stunt drivers and a Hollywood film crew that documented the sensational happening in a video clip.


2-the-epic-driftmob-featuring-bmw-m235i 3-the-epic-driftmob-featuring-bmw-m235i 4-the-epic-driftmob-featuring-bmw-m235i 5-the-epic-driftmob-featuring-bmw-m235i

all images and video courtesy of BMW GROUP