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The Health Benefits of Having a Clean Air Conditioning System

The Health Benefits of Having a Clean Air Conditioning System

With temperatures reaching almost 30°C at the height of summer in Brisbane, you’re right in the heart of the Northern Territory heat. Air conditioning systems are an absolute necessity for getting good sleep and just simply completing everyday tasks, and you have it running almost all the time you are inside. But have you ever considered the effects it is having on your health? Here are a few reasons why making sure your system is clean and sanitised is essential, and how you can make sure it is done properly and effectively.

Effective Cleaning

You are able to clean your air conditioning unit yourself and removing large blockages and dust from the filter can be fairly straightforward, but certain areas require some precise movements and specific skills. It’s useful to have some knowledge of the coils and how the system works before attempting to undertake the task yourself. Alternatively, you can get it done professionally. Visit www.advancedcleanair.com.au/air-conditoner-cleaning/brisbane to ensure your air conditioner is perfectly cleaned so you can avoid these hazardous health problems.

Safe Air 

You breathe in the air that travels through your air-cooling system, so if this is dirty, so is the air going into your lungs. With consistent use, air conditioning systems collect dust and dirt. Not only this, but mildew, damp, fungus and other bacteria and germs can begin to accumulate in this perfect little breeding ground. When you turn your system on, these particles get distributed into the air for you to breathe in. This has then been known to cause all sorts of respiratory problems, from coughing and sneezing to pneumonia. For those with asthma, the consequences can be even more severe. It is recommended that your system is cleaned at least every 12 months to remove the build-up of these unsafe particles.

 The Health Benefits of Having a Clean Air Conditioning System

Sound Sleep

Everyone knows how difficult it is to get to sleep when the air is choking and there is no escape from the sweat-inducing heat. After a night of bad sleep, you wake up in a cranky mood, with a fuzzy head and feeling like you’re ready to collapse into a perfect slumber onto your desk as soon as you feel that flow of air conditioning hitting your skin in the office. Leaving your air conditioning unit unclean allows dust and other blocking particles to build up and up and up, reducing the efficiency of your system. The longer it runs like this, the higher the likelihood that, one day soon, it will just stop, and you will be left to deal with sleepless nights until you get a new (expensive) one installed. Our bodies need sleep to survive, and while we’ve all experienced that grumpiness from poor sleep, it can also lead to more severe physical health strains, including heart disease and diabetes. This is why making sure you get quality sleep with a clean air conditioner unit is essential for a long and healthy life.

Having your air conditioning unit cleaned by a professional is the best way to make sure it is being done safely and to the highest standard possible, removing the chance of any nasty consequences that may otherwise occur.