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The Importance of PMP Training in 2021

The Importance of PMP Training in 2021

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PMP Training is Professional Management Certification. It is an extremely important certification in 2021. It actually revolves round a certification and designation given by some well reputed institutes handling projects. There are certain parameters involved in the process and you need to fulfil them to achieve the certification. There are few changes that would be updated in the PMP of 2021. Let us see what they are.

  • The scope of the examination has changed and this pattern has actually come into effect since January 2, 2021. There will be three different domains involved in the examination: People, Process and Business Environment which is quite different from the previous pattern containing five different domains: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and controlling and finally Closing. The corresponding weightages of the three new domains are: People (42%) , Process (50%) and finally Business Environment (8%).
  • There will be questions involved from the Agile and Hybrid Software Development Lifecycle Methods. There will be 50% of the questions involved in the examination from this section and you have to know about these methods.
  • The Project Management Institutes have newly launched courseware of PMP examination officially from 2020. This is officially the material required for preparation of the examination which was earlier not available. The exam content is perfectly aligned with this course book and you are no longer worried about the contents you need to prepare for the actual examination. 
  • There will be an Authorized Training Provider Program by the Project Management Institutes from now and hence it will help you to take the preparations officially and you will have self paced learning that would help you crack the examination. The instructors who are involved in teaching or instructing should actually pass a program that is, Train the Trainer or TTT to get the position of a trainer for the same.
  • There are few other logistic changes involved in the process. The process of application has been much simpler and the time consumption is also less. Due to the pandemic situation it is likely that the PMP will be taking place online and it will be an online proctored examination.

The changes have been impacting the student largely and the introduction of the Training program and official courseware has actually changed the scenario of the examination to a great extent. People will now get required support necessary in an online self paced learning by professional trainers who have passed the TTT program to offer to you better facilities. You will get proper guidance and this is a great opportunity to grab. You can now easily rely on their sources to learn and ultimately pass the exam with great marks. There are two ways of getting the training: one is either you can take up the on demand course by PMI or opt for the ATP which is trainer led training.

 The Importance of PMP Training in 2021

In 2021, when in view of the pandemic the actual certification examination is likely to go online, you can utilise all the training during this time to learn and then give the online exam. You will have trainer support which will be at par with the PMP syllabus. Now with new pattern training from the trainers or PMI directly from resources is important because there is a huge change in the scope of the PMP examination and hence you need rigorous training during this period to understand the changing pattern and prepare according to what they want. With online proctored exams, it is likely to become a bit more difficult for people. There will be more focus on the Agile and the hybrid perspectives which are quite in demand in the market right now. If you really want to crack it in one go, you have to spend a lot of time and effort preparing for it. The training will help you out in this regard. The new examination pattern has uplifted the valuation of the certification of PMP. Choosing the right training program keeping all the points in mind is very important in 2021 to have an excellent PMP certification score.

There are varied benefits of PMP Training in 2021 because:

  • There are huge changes in the pattern and it would be very difficult for anybody to figure out the syllabus and learning pathway without proper guidance.
  • New concepts like Agile and hybrid are introduced which carries at least 50% weightage and it is likely that the examination will become difficult in the year.
  • With changing syllabus there are changes in the exam pattern and training pattern. Introduction of ATP or Authorized Training Provider Program, now you can access the course with the help of certified trainers who can guide you and help you in person.
  • They are self paced learning modules and hence you can manage time and get ready for the exam and you do not need to search for the materials here and there. 

PMP Training in 2021 is extremely important for good scores and extraordinary self-learning. With changing normals and the pattern, the PMP training will prove to be one of the most useful aspects of the entire process of examination.