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The MINI Story exhibition at the BMW Museum


MINI has officially opened the doors of its temporary exhibition entitled “The MINI Story “ at BMW Museum in Munich, Germany. Up to 31 January 2016, visitors to the BMW Museum will for the first time be able to admire over 30 original vehicles, smaller exhibits and accessories from 55 years of MINI history. Numerous photos, films and sketches, along with a wealth of background information, tell the story of the tradition-rich brand across 20 themed areas.


The special exhibition shines the spotlight on the development of the MINI brand. An informative and action-packed tour leads visitors from the early days of the space-saving classic models such as the Morris Mini Minor and Mini Traveller to the unmistakeably contemporary design of the first new MINI, built in 2001. Alongside the model series on display, concept vehicles and creative one-offs – from a camper van to a stretch limousine complete with whirlpool – demonstrate the astonishing variety of models produced by MINI as well as the customer-centred focus of a brand cherished around the world for its innovative design. For further information go to bmw-museum.com.

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all images courtesy of MINI