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The Most Recognizable TV Company Logos and Their History

HBO logo displayed on a smartphone

Television is forever. After a hundred years of existence, it has almost been replaced by the Internet, but people in many countries still prefer to watch TV. Hundreds of channels, a bright color picture and work even in remote regions cannot be compared with Internet outages. Each country has its own popular television companies, but there are also those that are known to viewers around the world.

20th Century Fox

The first logo was drawn in 1915, when the company itself was founded. During its existence, it has hardly changed, although they tried to do it six times. In 2020, it was decided to return to the original logo, but slightly correct it. The iconic black-and-white logo is easily recognizable around the world, and the splash screen with golden letters is found in almost half of the popular films.


Since 1936, the BBC has been one of the main providers of entertainment programs, films and serials on American television. In 2022, she is known far beyond America, and her popularity is growing every day.

For almost twenty years, the television company did not have its own logo, it appeared only in 1958. It was a monochrome emblem with black squares containing letters. During its existence, it was redrawn several times, but the logo managed to maintain its visual identity.

Disney Channel

The favorite channel of children around the world was launched only in 1983. Up to this point, the company was engaged in full-length cartoons. Visually, the channel’s logo has always been bright and colorful, based on the silhouette of the most popular character – Mickey Mouse. In many ways, it was this hero that made the logo so recognizable.

 Netflix logo displayed on a TV


Logo ESPN is known to every American, it is a satellite/cable television network with 24/7 sports broadcasts. The channel’s first emblem appeared in 1979, but six years later it was modernized and is still in use today. As conceived by the author, the logo reflects the energy and character of the sports channel.

Hallmark channel

Hallmark is one of the newcomers to the rating, the channel appeared only in 1995. It broadcasts movies, series and TV shows. Its main audience is families, for whom the content is intended. The channel was based on two others, so the first logo was associated with the ACTS station. The emblem familiar to the audience appeared in 2001, and ten years later it was slightly improved – the font was made thinner and the letters smoother.


For the first five years of the broadcaster’s existence, its logo featured the full name Home Box Office and a ticket stub. In 1975 there was a redesign using the capital letters abbreviation. Throughout the years, the company has never changed monochrome colors.


The Netflix logo has become recognizable with the development of the Internet. Previously, the company released DVDs only for Americans, and since 2013 it has been engaged in film and television production. The modern symbol of Netflix is ​​a red single letter N, it began to be used due to the spread of mobile applications, where the previous logo did not look good.

Looking at all these logos, there is a massive trend towards simplification. Clear, monophonic, and sometimes monochrome letters, simple fonts, concise letters – all this makes the logos of famous companies so recognizable.