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The Most Successful Video Game Developers 2020

The Most Successful Video Game Developers 2020

Video games are developed on the realities of this world so they help people in solving particular problems by trapping them in particular scenarios that also help them in increasing their concentration level. Playing video games also help in sharpening the memorizing power. Moreover, they also help people in elevating their brain as well as their mood. 

People who play more video games are more likely to take timely decisions. Video games are no less than social media platforms that bring people together from all over the world and help the internet in making this world a global village. Alone in the US people spend 36 billion dollars on video games. Many games offer Aristocrat free pokies. Like Casinos are lavish gambling factories besides most visited places. Casinos are full-time fun things where people go for entertainment like concerts, comedies, etc. 

There are a number of video game developers, we will discuss the top video game developing companies, these are:

Electronic Arts

This company is founded in California, US in 1982. Many of the games developed by Electronic Arts can be purchased with their standard and deluxe editions. But there are some free video games as well. Electronic Arts not only works on developing games but also closely looks into the content that the game promotes. Not just this but Electronic Arts also provides its services on all types of mobile devices as well as personal computers. a large number of people have registered their devices and emails with Electronic Art that are roughly estimated to be 300 million while the number of employees varies from 5001 to 10000. Some of the famous video games by Electronic Arts include 

  1. FIFA20, 
  2. Madden NFL 20, 
  3. Apex legends, so and so on.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony interactive entertainment is a Tokyo based company that was founded in 1993 and it has a total revenue of 20.84 billion dollars. Free pokies are also available. The company provides a number of online games for personal computers, PS3, and play stations. The company works on a software as well as hardware for play stations. The prices for the subscription of games from this company start from 9.99 dollars. The most famous games from Sony interactive entertainment incorporation includes 

  1. God of War, 
  2. Spiderman, 
  3. The Last of Us, 
  4. Ratchet and Clank, etc.

 The Most Successful Video Game Developers 2020

Zero Games Studio

Zero games studio is a Paris-based company that was founded in 2013 and has a range of $ 4 M revenue. The games are available in the standard and deluxe editions in which features and the price vary. The price of all the games is different. Zero games studio develops games for personal computers, mobile phones, and consoles.  So, it can be operated on Android, windows as well as iOS. The popular games that are developed by zero games studio are 

  1. Battle down on earth arena, 
  2. Garfield wild ride, 
  3. Pat the dog, 
  4. The wanderer: Frankenstein’s creature, etc. 

The studio has a total of 11 to 15 employees working on the development of games.


This is a Washington, US-based game developing company that was founded in late 19th century. The major task of this company is to develop games and gaming systems. The initial goals of this company were the creation of playing cards by hands but later on, it moved towards cap servicing, and finally, in the late 20th century it became a video game developing company. It has a total of 1001 to 5000 employees. The total revenue of this company is 1.201 trillion yen. You can get yourself registered with the company for 0.60 dollars for playing the games developed by this company. The company also offers aristocrats for pokies. Many of the games are available for free. The most famous and most played games from this company include 

  1. Fire Emblem, 
  2. Ultimate alliance 3, 
  3. Pokémon sword and Pokémon shield, etc.

 The Most Successful Video Game Developers 2020

Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard is the company that developed Candy Crush, you must be familiar with this game. So, Activision Blizzard is a California, US-based company that was founded in 2008 and has a total revenue of 7.5 billion dollars. You can get yourself registered for playing the games provided by this company for 19.99 dollars. The services of this company are available throughout the globe. Its employees range more than 9000 while the number of users operating the games of the software in a month is around 500 million. The company develops games for mobile tablets personal computers as well as consoles. The most famous games developed by Activision Blizzard include 

  1. Overwatch, 
  2. Candy Crush Saga, 
  3. Call of Duty etc.


Ubisoft is a Paris based company that was initiated in 1986 and has a total revenue of 1.7 billion euro. You can get yourself registered starting from the price of 0.40 dollars. It is the 4th largest company in Europe and the United States as regards its revenue and market size. It has developed video games for several franchises. It not only designs video games but also markets it and offer services in online programming.  The most famous games by this company include:

  1. Rainbow 6 quarantine, 
  2. Tom Clancy’s division two, 
  3. Gordon monsters, 
  4. For Honor, Watch Dogs: Legion, etc.


The world has been globalized which means that capitalism has prevailed in more than half of the globe so people are too busy competing with their competitors. The same goes for the game developing companies who are busy developing the games that are most likely to be played by the people.  Many of the game developing companies offer aristocrat for pokies in their games data are available online and anyone can assist them by registering himself with the company. Video games do not only provide fun for life but also connects people and helps in improving your mental health. There are companies that design the games in which the scenario is based on real-life so they’re quite meaningful too. 

Similarly, casinos keep people entertained, bonded, and together. It takes us back to think about how video games’ concept has taken place. Because previously, before people liked to stay home. Everyone indulged themselves in Casinos because that is where they found friends, groups, and new interactions.