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Jean Nouvel Transforms 17th-Century Palazzo Into The Rooms of Rome Accommodations

The Rooms of Rome - Apartments / Jean Nouvel‎

The Rooms of Rome

Designed by renowned French architect Jean Nouvel, The Rooms of Rome is a unique experience that offers personalized stays in which art and architecture have no boundaries. Just arrived in the most historical part of the city, the 24 apartments are located in “rhinoceros” a historic palace conceived by the Fondazione Alda Fendi – Esperimenti. These special and unique fully equipped apartments offer state of the art of technology and domotics while respecting the building’s history and background.

 The Rooms of Rome - Apartments / Jean Nouvel‎

The apartments have also been conceived to create a personalized stay, offering an infinite range of possibilities when visiting the Eternal City. Therefore, anyone experiencing The Rooms of Rome can create a truly exclusive feeling based on each person’s needs, dreams and wishes. While the apartments will provide L’Occitane amenities, a pillow menu, as well as the highest quality linens and furnishings, guests will be able to choose, prior to their check-in, from a wide variety of perfumes for their room, as well as to become aware of additional experiences, provided “á la carte”, which include absolutely everything a person might need, from beauty treatments and massages, to any type of lessons or training, to show cooking, entertainment, museum and city private tours and even art creation.

Here, where Roman history was born, Jean Nouvel imagined the apartments as a completely innovative place: designing them not as living spaces in the traditional sense but constituting “openable” areas, steel boxes that reproduce environments and services such as kitchens, bathrooms or cabinets, designed and patented only for the rhinoceros building, whose refined modernity stands in stark contrast to the walls.

 The Rooms of Rome - Apartments / Jean Nouvel‎

From each window of the apartments, which develop on four floors, one enjoys a unique and different view of the monuments of the Forum Boarium: The Arch of Janus, the splendid church of San Giorgio al Velabro, the temple of Hercules Victor, known as the Temple of Vesta, and the Palatine Hill. The passage of time, Roman history, modernity and a never-ending construction are the spirit of the “The Rooms of Rome” apartments.

 The Rooms of Rome - Apartments / Jean Nouvel‎

Rhinoceros, created by the Fondazione Alda Fendi – Esperimenti, represents the synthesis of the Foundation’s philosophy that since 2001 has promoted artistic experimentations that go beyond the conventional boundaries between the disciplines: exhibitions, multimedia creations, action, artistic interferences involving different experiential areas, visual and performing arts.

“Rhinoceros is the experiment conceived by the Fondazione Alda Fendi – Esperimenti: a real “city of art”: a place to visit through the passageways of the art gallery, to live in its magnificent 24 apartments immersed in the heart of ancient Rome, there were Rome was born, and to be admired for the atmosphere of its dreamy terraces. A hub of attraction, a lighthouse illuminated day and night, where artistic research and creativity find their ideal home”.

The very name palazzo rhinoceros is an indication towards the world of imperial Rome – caput mundi-, where the rhinoceros’, strong and powerful, steered the crowds to the benevolence of the emperor.

 The Rooms of Rome - Apartments / Jean Nouvel‎

Also located at the fifth and sixth floors of the palazzo rhinoceros and connected to the exhibition gallery spaces of the Fondazione Alda Fendi – Esperimenti is Caviar Kaspia Roma, a Russian inspired gastronomic proposal with over 90 years of history. The brand arrives in Rome as the gallery restaurant, offering selected products such as Norwegian salmon, imperial crab and the inevitable caviar.

Romans and city visitors will be able to enjoy an ample menu during the day, with adaptable proposals such as blinis, croissants, focaccias and tartars. A selection of more structured dishes, created by the chef Giovanni Giammarino, will be available for dinner, including Italian inspired cuisine.

 The Rooms of Rome - Apartments / Jean Nouvel‎

The location features three panoramic terraces overlooking Imperial Rome, while the interiors also have large windows that overlook the Forum and rectangular mirrors have been placed along the entire length of the wall so guests can always enjoy the outside views.

The project is being overseen by Kike Sarasola, a Spanish entrepreneur who intends to develop the concept globally. He is also President and Founder of the successful Room Mate Group, which includes hotels, apartments, hotelier consultancy services and, now, The Rooms of the World, which will take the most exceptional experiences to many cities across Europe and the world.

Room Mate Hotels currently operates 24 hotels in 14 cities worldwide, including Room Mate Giulia in Milan and Room Mate Isabella and Room Mate Luca in Florence. The group has recently signed 12 new hotels that will open in the next 18 months, 6 of which will be in Italy: 4 in Rome, one in Naples and another one in Milan. Room Mate Hotels always collaborates with the most prestigious interior designers around the globe, among which are Patricia Urquiola, Lázaro Rosa – Violán and Teresa Sapey.

 The Rooms of Rome - Apartments / Jean Nouvel‎ The Rooms of Rome - Apartments / Jean Nouvel‎ The Rooms of Rome - Apartments / Jean Nouvel‎ The Rooms of Rome - Apartments / Jean Nouvel‎