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The Timeless Benefits of Choosing the Perfect Tile Flooring 

The Timeless Benefits of Choosing the Perfect Tile Flooring 

Hey there! 

Yes, you. 

Have you ever been in a position where you can’t decide the perfect flooring for your space? 

We have to. You are not alone. 

Sometimes it is challenging to decide the flooring type for your space, especially with the many flooring options available today. Hardwood, tiles, carpet, laminate, vinyl – you name it.  The many choices at your disposal can get you confused, such that you might end up selecting the wrong floor type, especially if you have no flooring expert like Floor Mod to consult. 

Choosing the perfect flooring for a room depends on varying factors, including the environment, the location of the room, exposure to switching temperatures and unstable climates, durability, aesthetics, and whatnot. 

One floor type that usually comes to mind is tile flooring.  Flooring with tiles has many timeless benefits that we are going to get into in an instant. But for now, let’s run through some of the most popular tile choices.

Types of tile flooring

1. Ceramic tiles

One of the most accessible and cheapest tiles, ceramic tiles are made from sand, water, and clay with the same mixture – cement instead of clay – used in making the grouts. Ceramic tiles can be glazed with matte or glossy finishes and are ideal for bathrooms because of their waterproof nature. 

2. Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are very similar to ceramic tiles and can either be glazed or unglazed. The distinguishing factor is that porcelain tiles are less water absorbent and are much denser than ceramic tiles. 

3. Glass tiles  

Although they are a more expensive choice, glass tiles are highly preferred because they are easy to clean and have a bare minimum water absorption rate. They are made by heating sand and other chemicals together. The rapid cooling effect results in a translucent-like surface.

4. Natural stone tiles

Tiles like marble, granite, limestone, quartz, slate, travertine and others fall under the natural stone tiles family.  Made from rocks, they are the most natural tiling material and are great for adding a touch of finesse to your space. 

Now, let’s get to convincing you why tiles flooring is the best choice for you with numerous timeless benefits.

 The Timeless Benefits of Choosing the Perfect Tile Flooring 

Benefits of choosing the perfect tile flooring 

1. Easy to clean and maintain

With regular vacuuming and sweeping, and mopping every other day, you can maintain and care for your tile floors. This way, you can ensure that they last longer, and you may only need to reseal once in a while, especially the stone tiles. 

2. Water resistance

Tiles are also great water-resistant flooring options, ideal for bathrooms, kitchen countertops, and other water-related areas. Due to their low water-absorbent nature, it is the last port of call for mold and mildew to thrive on. 

3. Allergy-friendly 

Although not 100% dust and grime resistant, tiles do not collect much dust, making them ideal for allergy sufferers. 

4. Durable and long-lasting

Most tile floorings are hard-surfaced, meaning they are not easily broken, worn, or torn, which guarantees that they can last and serve you for a long time. 


There are different tile types for varying needs. Depending on their elements and composition, tiles like ceramic and porcelain are great for bathrooms and countertops. Others like colorful glass mosaics are great for aesthetics. 

Find your choice flooring but make it tile.