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“THE TOOTHBRUSH BY MISOKA” is a standing toothbrush that prevents stain born from the collaboration between THE, a Tokyo-based product design brand co-founded by designer Keita Suzuki of Product Design Center, and Yume Shokunin, a company that manufactures the “MISOKA” toothbrush. “MISOKA” is an innovative toothbrush that not only brushes clean but also prevents stain by simply applying water to the brush.This is made possible by “Nano-Sion Dream” nano mineral coating technology developed by Yumeshokunin Co., Ltd., which involves the process of nano-coating the bristles with Magnesium, Calcium, and Sodium.

This technology gives the teeth a glass-like polish and brightness, while making the surface hydrophilic and therefore stain resistant. The minerals used for coating are all organic, and therefore it is harmless to the environment. Moreover, the mineral levels meet the quality standards of tap water, making it safe to swallow. This feature allows for toothpaste-less brushing, which is convenient and encourages not only the daily dental care at home, but also at the office, school, etc.


As a collaboration with THE, a brand that strives to create the quintessence of objects, two main improvements have been made to the previous design. The first is that the toothbrush stands upright. Normally the grip of a toothbrush is a planar stick shape, but this new design incorporates a triangular-shaped base that increases the surface area that comes in contact with the ground. In the base of the toothbrush is a 10-gram weight, making the product bottom heavy and easy to stand. This puts the center of balance inside the user’s hand, making the toothbrush easier to maneuver. Moreover, the triangular grip allows the user to grip the toothbrush like a pen, reducing the amount of pressure and damage to the gums.

The second improvement was the treatment of the bristles. The bristles on “THE TOOTHBRUSH BY MISOKA” are made even finer than the predecessor “MISOKA” by further thinning the tip of the 0.178 mm nylon bristle. The softness of the bristle is lower than the softness value of 60 (N/cm 2), which is even softer than the ‘Soft’ option of the toothbrushes on the market.


The improvements made on this innovative toothbrush create a surprisingly refreshing brushing experience that will never be achieved by the conventional toothbrush.

THE TOOTHBRUSH BY MISOKA” will be available from April at “THE SHOP” located in the Marunouchi KITTE department store; 5 minutes walk from Tokyo Station.


all images courtesy of PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER