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The Very Best Search Engine if You Want to Find a Person

The Very Best Search Engine if You Want to Find a Person

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You are most likely familiar with the saying, “it’s a small world.” We tend to utter that phrase whenever we encounter someone or find something in common. But what if you are specifically looking for that person? Well, all of a sudden, the world is not so small, and your odds at encountering them become abysmal. But if anything is going to help you find a long-lost friend, it will still be the Internet.

As we have been accustomed to the Internet being capable of offering solutions to most of our questions, it won’t be a surprise that it will yield the best results when it comes to finding an actual person. There are quite some important players on the people search engine market that will enable you to search and receive a detailed report on a person.

People search engines can prove to be effective at various tasks. Let’s say you are considering a new roommate, and you don’t really know anything about the person. Or you will start working for some company, and you want more information on the people you will end up working with. Below you can find a list of people search engines that we deem superior to the rest. No matter which apps you choose, always make sure to check the official sites to get all its features and improved protection.


SignalHire offers you a complete service when it comes to gathering information on potential prospects or leads. It saves loads of time for recruiters, marketeers, and sales professionals as it crawls personal & work emails from a long list of internet locations. It is a perfectly-optimized browser extension that can get data from all the popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, GitHub, or MeetUp. Furthermore, the developers of the SignalHire extension are working on adding support for Gmail. Xing, Dribble, and Quora as well. By verifying email in real-time, SignalHire gives you an advantage over the competition since you won’t have to deal with bogus data or invalid emails and phone numbers.

SignalHire can be integrated with Zoho, PCRecruiter, HubSpot, CATS, Pipedrive, Jooble, Salesforce, and many more top platforms worldwide. You can start the free trial and convince yourself of all the advantages it brings to your company. Give it a go and you’ll never think twice!


Pipl is among the most popular people finder websites around, and there are strong motives for this ranking. It works in all countries, which is quite an amazing feat considering that being able to find information on various people is only legal within the USA. Pipl will be able to provide information, and it lets you search by name, email, phone number. You can enter the location that you believe the person is living at, or you can even try to search without providing a location. It works fast, reliably, and you can expect to receive accurate information. And there is one special feature that other people search engines just do not possess. And that is the fact that it is completely free to use. The only issue would be that you will be provided sponsored links here and there.

 The Very Best Search Engine if You Want to Find a Person


If you are looking for simplicity and ease of use, then look no further than BeenVerified. It is one of our personal favorites because of its unique features. You can perform a search by using the name or email address of the person in question. Phone number and location will also help narrow down the search in order to receive accurate information on the very person you are trying to find. Once the search is performed, you will receive all the information you could ask for. A complete list of social media accounts, various pictures, all the friends, and connections that you might have in common. You will also be able to see all their previous addresses and whatever background records may be available on the person you can search for.

All of the above can be accessed by simply signing up for an account with them. If you, however, want a specialized and detailed report on a person, you will have to sign up for their membership. A 5-day trial will cost you $1, and it is more than worth the money. BeenVerified can provide information on people located anywhere, but might also have features that are only available for US citizens. You can access it via the website and as a mobile app for both Android and iOS. Check out the official site for more information.


Whitepages is the yellow pages for people to put it bluntly. And it doesn’t just provide social or professional info. It will be able to provide fully detailed background reports that contain but are not limited to address, properties they own, and available court and criminal records. If you simply want to find a person, then you can still use Whitepages because it will offer details on the members of their family, who they associate with, and their current address and contact details. You will need to provide either the name, the phone number or the address in order to perform a search query.

All the details mentioned above can be received for free. However, if you want a full report on a certain person, you will have to purchase the premium subscription plan. It starts at USD19.95 per month and can only be purchased if you reside in the United States. If you are trying to generate leads, then look no further.


Spokeo is a search engine that is gaining popularity because it is capable of gathering information from white page listings. It also has access to public records and can search within social networks to gather all the information that could be relevant about a person. Just with other entries on our list, in order to perform a search with Spokeo, you will need to input the name, email address, or phone number of the person you are trying to encounter. It can look for information on over 60 social networks. It can fetch photos and the online profile that the person has made, including their dating profiles on various networks.

What makes Spokeo stand out from the crowd is the fact that they supposedly use their own proprietary deep web technology in order to fetch the results. This means that they might be able to provide you with information that other services might overlook. It provides profiles that will be well detailed and highly accurate, so we are more than happy to recommend this software. The service can be used anywhere in the world but will yield results only after you have purchased a subscription. Monthly plans start from USD4.95 and go up in price if you need a more detailed search.


We have just featured what we believe to be the best people search engines available on the market at the moment. Due to laws and regulations, some of them only work in the US, while others can be used globally. We are certain that you will be able to uncover information by using these websites because most of them are highly capable while also having amazing features.

We suggest you try them out to see which one best suits your needs. Keep in mind that both Facebook and LinkedIn will provide basic information on the people that you are trying to find and can be used as an entry-level search. If you need more information, just choose the search engine from our list that has a profile similar to your desired one.