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Thin Green by Belle Ville Atelier d’Architecture

Paul Kozlowski

At the 2016 Festival des Architectures Vives, French firm Belle Ville Atelier d’Architecture has filled a hidden courtyard of Montpellier with a lush oasis to offer a refreshing break for the visitors. First of all, Thin Green offers a sensorial experience for the wanderers and inhabitants of the Mirman mansion through the gap between the mineral image of the city and a luxuriant vegetal landscape. Rediscovering our surroundings with new eyes is the main challenge made possible by the opening of the courtyards.

On the other hand, the installation allows them to experiment and quantify the efficiency of a natural cooling system. Made possible by the combination of plants and a water-based misting system, the evapotranspiration of the leaves, the natural water retention of the soil, allow to cool down the temperature within the courtyard. “Thin Green” is a project giving the visitors the opportunity to live an immersive and educational experience.

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all images Paul Kozlowski © photoarchitecture.com