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Things to Consider When Buying Bowling Shoes

Things to Consider When Buying Bowling Shoes

Bowling, like any other sport, requires players to wear the right shoes. However, the market is flooded with multiple options, and if you are not careful, you might end up with the wrong fit. However, on the other hand, the process of choosing the right pair should not be difficult, whether you are starting or an expert bowler.

Apart from ensuring you buy the appropriate pair that is approved for the game, the shoe has to connect and bond with your experiences in the field. According to footwear expert Lilly Harvey of ShoeAdviser, support and stability are vital for footwear whatever the job or activity may be. You will also need to have a shoe that is made from breathable material and is lightweight. This makes it a great deal to find the best pair of shoes when bowling.

Before you commit to buying bowlers’ shoes, it’s essential to interrogate yourself appropriately. First, ask yourself whether you’re a regular or occasional bowler. If you only do it for fun, buying bowling shoes for you might not be wise. There are multiple rental bowling shoes that you can use anytime you consider bowling.

The rental shoes are designed with universal soles and will provide you with what you need to bowl like a pro. However, if you want to improve your game and take bowling to the professional level, getting your pair might be the right decision.

Your Comfort

Bowling shoes come in a wide range of width. Therefore, when choosing the right pair, you must ensure that it fits right, and you’re comfortable. You don’t have to buy a shoe that is too tight or one that is too loose.

Apart from denying you comfort, when you wear shoes that don’t fit perfectly, they will throw you off balance. This might give you a negative effect while you are in the game. To avoid all that, it’s essential to measure your feet precisely without bypassing the obvious.

Alternatively, you can have your feet professionally measured to guarantee that you have the right bowling shoes for men. When you’re younger, your feet can grow a size or two over time, so even if you know your size, going through the measurement process can be helpful.

 Things to Consider When Buying Bowling Shoes

The Sole

Bowlers need to have shoes that will enhance their performance and competitiveness while in the game. You need to find a shoe that will allow you easy slides when delivering as well as a sole that has better traction. Therefore, if you’re into bowling professionally, you need to have a shoe with interchangeable sole pads. This will guarantee to give you matching slides and style on the surface when you bowl. You don’t want to invest in a shoe that does not have a good grip on the floor. When you transfer energy, your sole should be able to hold you still for improved performance.


A performing pair of shoes is one that is customized to lane conditions. This is a pair that has everything you need to get your act together in the game. The pairs are designed with one braking and one sliding shoe when sold. They have a firmer fit around the ankle and a broader base. This guarantees that your feet will have sufficient breathing space to maximize your performance and flexibility. Such shoes provide you with more stopping support as well.

Prevent Orthotics and Foot Injuries

It’s highly unprofessional to overlook foot injuries and other stresses on the feet caused by bowling. Wearing incorrect shoes can result in Morton’s neuroma, which is a thickening of tissues. When the third and fourth toes respond to trauma or irritation, it leads to the development of this condition. This is often triggered by players walking on their toes, which causes strain in the toe ligaments.

An easy way to correct this problem is by adjusting shoe traction. The adjustment will enable you to minimize straining the toe ligament and enhance your performance in the game.


Whichever shoe you settle for, you must ensure that it supports your experiences in the game. It should allow you to transfer energy evenly, give you a better grip, and allow easy swings all through. It should also allow you better balance and enhanced arm and body coordination. This way, it will be easy for you to monitor your progress in the game and gauge your technique growth. Lastly, ensure that you get Men’s bowling shoes at a good price.