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Things To Consider While Selecting Commercial Insulation

Commercial insulation is used to keep your facility as comfortable as possible. Plus, insulation is used to protect your pipes, cover air ducts, and ensure that the facility is comfortable. There are several places you can use insulation, and you must learn how insulation improves the way you manage your business.

Insulation For Pipes

Commercial insulation should be used to very all the pipes that run throughout each building. Pipes may go from the inside of one building, leave that building, and enter another building. The pipes may be exposed to extreme cold, or they may be exposed to extreme heat.

Because it gets so cold in places like Alberta, outdoor pipes must be insulated to prevent breaks or cracks.

 Things To Consider While Selecting Commercial Insulation

Insulation For The Building

Every building needs to be insulated if you have employees working there every day. You need to keep the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You may need to upgrade the insulation every year because the building has so much traffic. Plus, you need to use insulation to cover cracks and gaps in the exterior of the building.

Insulation for the building will keep the work floor comfortable, and insulation behind the office walls will make the office feel like any other office. You do not want to freeze out your guests or clients.

Insulation For Machines And Tanks

Insulation is needed for machines and tanks in your building. You may store liquids in tanks that need to be cooled. Insulation can be used to keep those tanks at the right temperature. You can use insulation to keep hot water at the right temperature as it enters a mixing machine, or you can use insulation to keep a walk-in freezer cold. You do not want that freezer to make the rest of the building cold.

Plus, you can use insulation around the motor on even machine if that motor generates a lot of heat. An insulated cover is very easy to remove when servicing the motor, and the insulation can be added to any area near the motor that gets too hot.

Insulation On The Roof

Insulation on the roof helps keep the facility cool in the summer. Insulation can be laid under the roofing, and you can use insulation around the edges of the roof to ensure that air does not pass through those gaps. There are many people who would like to add insulation to their roofing because radiating heat in the summer makes the building too hot.

 Things To Consider While Selecting Commercial Insulation

What Types Of Insulation Can You Use?

You can get roll insulation that can be unrolled and wrapped around any pipe. The rolls can be unfurled across the roof, or you could use roll insulation to cover a tank or machine. Fiberglass panel insulation can be installed in the walls, and this insulation could be used in an attic or crawl space.

Foam insulation can be sprayed in any place that you need coverage. Foam insulation is useful when you are covering exterior cracks around your building. You can spray this insulation behind walls where fiberglass panels will not fit. You can use the spray insulation in corners like caulk, and you can spray foam insulation along the roofline where you have gaps.

Spray insulation also helps when pipes leave one building and enter another. These gaps allow energy to leave the building, and you do not want to waste energy trying to keep the building comfortable during the workday.

Green Building Materials

You can use recycled insulation that is safe for the planet and very efficient. Recycled insulation is useful when you are working around machines, or you can use a recycled insulation if you need to fill open spaces with loose insulation. If you are trying to complete a green construction, there are insulation products for you.


Commercial insulation for your building should be purchased for the spots where it needs to be installed. You can choose foam insulation, or you might want to choose insulation that was designed to work with your machines. You can cover liquid tanks with insulation, or you can line your roof with insulation. Each of these items will make your building a more efficient and comfortable place to work.

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