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Tip for Cleaning Air Filters By Yourself

Tip for Cleaning Air Filters By Yourself

When the dust builds up and clogs your air filters, your home air conditioning will not be sufficient. Dirty and blocked air filters cause the HVAC to work extra hard, misuse energy, and low airflow. HVAC manufacturers and experts recommend cleaning and replacing them at least every 30-90 days.

However, getting HVAC technicians to come and clean or change them regularly can be expensive for most people. Here are tips for cleaning air filters by yourself.

Gather the right equipment

Before you start cleaning, you need to have the right cleaning equipment to do the job. Vacuum cleaners with a proper hose can work, but a heavy-duty unit is better if you have access to one. Ensure you have a brush with stiff bristles, paper towels to cover your registers when dusting, and a screwdriver to open register fasteners.

It would help if you also got a replacement air filter ready. Dust particles put a strain on your filters, and after cleaning, you will need to replace one. You can easily order and get your filters by mail. Just make sure you select an air filter compatible with your HVAC.

Step-by-step cleaning

Once your equipment is ready, and your filters by mail are here, here is how you begin cleaning. First, turn off the power supply to your heating and air conditioning system.

Cover the supply registers with paper towels

You don’t want to find dust in the rooms they supply and start cleaning and brushing all over again. You can unscrew the register, wrap a paper towel around it, and put it back without screwing it.

Set your thermostat to ‘fan on’

With the fan running while cleaning, it can move the dust to reach your vacuum hose quickly. For older thermostats that do not have the fan setting, run the heat.

Tap and loosen any dust and particle build up in your ductwork. A light tapping on accessible will free any clumps of dust deposited inside the ducts.

 Tip for Cleaning Air Filters By Yourself

Clean your supply registers

Sweep out the dust in your supply registers by holding the vacuum hose near the register as you lift it. The fan will be pushing dust out as your hose catches it into the vacuum compartment. Reach into the registers as far as your hose can go and use the brush to scrape any dust buildup. Dispose of the paper towels you used to cover as you go.

Clean return air registers

These registers are usually screwed, so you will need your tools to open them. They also tend to gather more dust than supply registers. An elongated brush is perfect for reaching inside the pipe’s deeper ends to loosen any dirt buildup, and your vacuum hose will gather the dust.

Changing your HVAC filter

Turn off the fan and power and remove the dirty filter. If your manufacturer delivered your filters by mail, check the dimensions to ensure they match. A filter too big or small can allow dust and debris into your home. Replace the dirty filter while paying attention to the arrows that indicate the direction of airflow.

A better filter will limit most dust and debris from entering your home but note that this means you will need to replace it regularly. Filter replacement frequency depends on your home’s location, pets, and how often you leave windows and doors open.

Your home’s air conditioning system is now ready to resume work. You can always call expert services if you are not sure of where to locate your filters, how to clean the air vents, or if you suspect there is a growth of mold and other biological contaminants. You can find more out about air filters here: https://filterking.com/air-filter-sizes/16x25x4.