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Tips for Marrying Form with Function in Your Kitchen

 Tips for Marrying Form with Function in Your Kitchen

While we all start off with some pretty grandiose ideas for our home décor, the truth is that, for many of us, the daily demands of a busy life and routine can mean that certain spaces in the home begin to look pretty devoted to function, rather than form. 

The kitchen is, of course, a prime target for this no-nonsense approach, and it can quickly begin to look like a space purely for cooking and eating, rather than the heart of the home it should be.

There are, however, plenty of ways for you to integrate beauty and practicality together in this essential space. Read just a few of our favorite tips below. 

Begin with the Floors

It can be surprising to learn quite how much influence your choice of flooring has over the look and finish of an entire room, but this really could be the deciding factor between a successful renovation, and ‘just another makeover’. This is especially true if your existing flooring is beginning to show its age.

In the kitchen, your flooring must be practical. Heavy foot traffic, spills and splashes, and the risk of stains will all mean that certain flooring options are somewhat ill-advised, but that needn’t mean that you feel limited to a handful of dull, commonplace options.

Laminate floors, for instance, represent a perfect example of form coexisting with function. Designed to be low maintenance and durable, their popularity means that, now more than ever before, homeowners can choose from an incredible long list of options.

This laminate flooring range is a perfect example of how many choices you’ll have if you opt for this convenient flooring option.

  Tips for Marrying Form with Function in Your Kitchen

Upcycle Your Fixtures 

Next, we move a little a little higher to your fittings and fixtures. Unless you’ve prepared and budgeted your renovation work to include brand new cabinetry, it’s important to think about how you can freshen up those existing cupboards and drawers. More so than anything else, these fittings will draw the eye – and, of course, frame the room. 

These fixtures are designed with practicality and ‘flow’ in mind, but there’s plenty you can do to keep them looking beautiful. Changing the handles on your cupboards and drawers can make a big difference, as can sanding down the wood and repainting it – particularly if you opt for a matte finish, which is very much in style at the moment. 

You might even invest in a modern new feature, such as toe kick drawers. While these will require a skilled craftsmen, it’ll still be cheaper than getting an entirely new kitchen installed.  

Make Storage a Design Choice, Rather than a Necessity

Kitchens are all about good storage. From those necessities we buy in bulk, like pasta and rice, to the items that barely make it into the cupboard or the refrigerator before they’re devoured, keeping your kitchen surfaces from looking like a grocery story is not the easiest task. 

The practical solution is to invest in plenty of storage options – but the more aesthetically-minded solution is to make sure that the storage options you choose are worthy of a place on your counters. 

From crystal cut glass jars – opt for varying sizes to create depth on your countertops – to color-coded cannisters, let your décor serve a practical purpose. Get a bread bin, a dedicated tea box, a biscuit jar and a candy dish – anything that creates a dedicated place for your consumables.