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Tips on Dressing Your Baby for Photo Shoots and on Getting Adorable Pictures

Your baby may be in diapers, but it doesn’t mean you can’t revamp their wardrobes and outfits by making them more stylish. When it’s time for your baby’s first photo shoot, then it’s time to think about style. You want the pictures to be beautiful because these are what you’ll be looking at to remember your baby’s first moments for years to come.

Whether you’re going for a Disney theme, a fun theme, or something unique, there’s an outfit you can choose to fit your theme and style. Even though babies are already cute and adorable, you can choose a cute outfit that will make the moment even more memorable. Stick around for some inspiration on photo shoot ideas and outfits to dress up your little one.

What you need before the photo shoot

Your baby’s photo shoot session won’t be any different than a typical shoot. You’ll need to prepare everything beforehand like props and the baby’s cute outfits. This will help move things along fast, and prevent your baby from getting cranky by being on set for too long. 

 Tips on Dressing Your Baby for Photo Shoots and on Getting Adorable Pictures

For amazing pictures, you’ll also need props like bowls, baskets, and stylish outfits for your little ones that are comfortable and appropriate for the weather. The good thing with baby photography is that you’re free to choose the scenery, backdrops, and environment based on the theme you want for your baby’s shoot.

Here’s a checklist you can follow before and during the photo shoot.

  • Before the session, ensure the room temperature is perfect for your baby. It should be between 68 and 72 degrees.
  • You can loosen the baby’s diaper straps before the shoot if it’s for a naked shoot, to avoid the baby having marks on their skin.
  • Make sure the baby is well-fed before to avoid being cranky at the shoot.
  • Carry extra clothes and wipes. With little angels, you never know when they will make a mess, so it’s good to come prepared.
  • You’re allowed to take rests to either feed or cuddle the baby.
  • Be patient. A baby’s photo shoot session takes a lot of time and work because you have to ensure the baby is comfortable to take great pictures.

Best time to have the photo shoot

For newborns, you may need to set up the photo shoot during the first few weeks because babies grow up real fast. When your baby is under two weeks, they can pose naked, and you’ll have no problems changing their clothes, so dressing them will be a bit easier. You can put the baby in womb curly positions that result in some super adorable pictures that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Older babies or toddlers can be a bit fussy when being changed. Get ready with fun and comfortable outfits and prepare beforehand. You can take photos during their 3rd and 6th months – these are significant milestones. Later, you can schedule photo shoots for your toddler when you want.  

 Tips on Dressing Your Baby for Photo Shoots and on Getting Adorable Pictures

Outfit ideas for your newborn photo shoot

When your baby is born, looking all cute and adorable fashion may be the last thing on your mind. You want to keep the baby safe, warm, and comfortable. Not to worry, though, as it’s easy to choose outfits for your baby, and let’s face it, they always look adorable in anything you dress them in.

Babies sleep most of the time during the first few months, and they may also be asleep during the session. It will be easy to change them into the different outfits you’ve chosen. Here are some outfit ideas.

  • Choose comfortable outfits for your baby. Don’t go for sleeper onesies or pajamas during the shoot. There are other cute options for your baby like newborn rompers, and there are also adorable crotchet outfits for babies that are cute for pictures. For baby girls, you can dress them in dresses, two-piece outfits, bodysuits, or in little colorful tutu skirts, which are beautiful. For baby boys, bodysuits and two-piece outfits are also adorable.
  • Go for a classic simple theme. You can dress your baby in bloomers or let them be naked. You can add extra cuteness by adding flowered headbands or some cute angel wings.
  • You can also add accessories during the photo shoots like hats, bandanna bibs, or headbands. See examples here.
  • You can use cradle beds or baskets. Place your baby in the cradle or basket, while they are lying on their tummy with the head resting on their hands. The baby can also take poses lying on their back. Just ensure they are comfortable, so that the pictures are perfect.
  • During photo sessions, baby wrap blankets are also suitable for newborns. Swaddle your baby nicely in a blanket, and it will ensure the baby is warm and comfortable during the shoot. Your baby will most likely sleep, but not to worry, the pictures will still look amazing.
  • Go barefoot or pick soft baby shoes. If you’re wondering what footwear to choose for your baby during the photo shoot, it’s best to leave the baby barefoot. But then, if you have an outfit that would go perfectly with shoes, then choose soft sole shoes. These are available in different colors. You can find a variety of styles for both boys and girls.  
  • Funny costumes. Even if it’s not Halloween, a funny costume for your baby is a fantastic idea. Dress the baby up in a teddy bear costume or a cute Disney cartoon costume. Just ensure the outfit isn’t too large or too tight because the baby will make a fuss if they are uncomfortable. You want a happy baby in the pictures, right?

Capture your baby’s moments right from the start by planning for a photo shoot early enough. You can shop around for cute outfits for your shoot, and be inspired by the ideas mentioned to capture those little smiles that will last a lifetime.