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Tips to Buy Instagram Views from 5 Best Sites in 2022

Tips to Buy Instagram Views from 5 Best Sites in 2022

Ivan Samkov from Pexels|Ivan Samkov from Pexels

If you are looking to buy Instagram views, you aren’t alone. People around the world are improving their accounts with purchased views. A higher view count on your videos and stories makes your profile more appealing and can help lead to influencer deals.

It may seem more intuitive to buy real Instagram likes or followers, but if you’re serious about growing your follower count, purchasing views from real people can make your account seem more popular. Purchasing views from sites that prioritize your post to get it viewed by real people increases your chances of gaining organic followers and likes for a much lower price.

To determine the best site to buy Instagram views (, think about the price you want to spend and the services offered by each company. Different businesses will offer particular payment options, prices, and methods to get new views. You can also try more than one service to determine which you prefer.


One of the most significant features of Likes.io is it is one of the few sites that accept payments as far-ranging as the standard debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) to Apple Pay and even Bitcoin. Consumers can choose between high-quality and premium service options. The difference is that premium views always come from active accounts.

High-quality views range in price from $1.99 for 500 views to 1,000,000 views for $399.99. The cheapest option for premium views is to spend $2.95 for 500 views, and the most expensive is $119.95 for 100,000. Views begin to accumulate immediately after purchase, and within two to three days, you can expect significant results.

Views always come from accounts that real people use. Beyond this, Likes.io targets the audience that will best fit your needs. This company uses your hashtags, location, and interests to find real people interested in what you are posting to keep those views as high as possible in the future. Just make sure that your videos already have tags on them, a description, and a location so that they can give you an optimal experience.

Once you have entered your Instagram account name and email address, you can choose which posts you want the likes to appear on. Choosing multiple videos will split your views across several posts.

Likes.io warns that Instagram may ask you to change your password after your purchase. The warning is a safety precaution by Instagram and does not mean that anyone has infiltrated your account. If you do change your password, you will need to link your account again.


For another fast-acting option, Stormlikes.net delivers views almost instantly. After placing your order, you can expect delivery within three minutes.

Stormlikes.net has a multitude of payment options. Credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Cryptocurrency, are all choices. Payment of only $19.99 will get you 15,000 high-quality views. For $29.99, the viewer count jumps to 30,000.

To pay for views, after you’ve selected your preferred package, insert your username, email, and payment to begin receiving more views. If you don’t want to keep going through this process of buying views, you can choose the monthly subscription option, which automatically gets you more likes and views every time you post.

 Tips to Buy Instagram Views from 5 Best Sites in 2022


Followers.io has two options when choosing a plan, high quality and premium. The high-quality option will get you most of the company’s features, like fast delivery and real views by real accounts. If you select premium views, you’ll unlock priority support and gain the option to split views over multiple posts. You can buy Instagram followers from Followers.io.

The company offers seven packages, with the cheapest for high-quality being 500 views for $1.87 and the most advanced service providing you with 50,000 views for $59.97. Premium ranges from $2.97 for 500 views to 40,000 views for $59.97. All payments are secure, and you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal.

Followers.io emphasizes the safety of their service. They promise that their company protects your information and never sells data to third parties. They also guarantee that your Instagram account will not be harmed by buying views with their business.


Social-Viral.com is another excellent option to buy real Instagram likes, views, followers, and comments. The service offers ten packages for purchasing high-quality views, ranging from $1.99 for 500 views to $99 for 150,000. You can pay for your views with a credit card, cryptocurrency, or Apple Pay. After your purchase, you’ll notice your view count begin to rise within twelve hours.

The views that you’ll get from Social-Viral.com come from real accounts, not bots. Views also will never disappear. Just make sure that your profile is public so that these accounts can view your videos and stories. A public profile also ensures that you can get more views, followers, and likes in the future after you have boosted your account with bought views.

To buy followers from Social-Viral.com, you first need to choose your plan. Once you’ve done this, enter your Instagram username. You can then select up to ten posts. Remember that you will not get all of those views on each post. Instead, Likes.io will spread them across the number of videos you’ve chosen.

Social-Viral.com also offers 24/7 support to answer any questions or concerns you may have with their service. Just enter your name, email, and message, and the staff will respond to you as soon as possible. With ongoing support, Social-Viral.com helps you build your online presence in more ways than one.

You can also check out Social-Viral.com’s information page on why buying Instagram followers and views is important and why their company doesn’t put your account at risk.


Viralyft has been in the marketing game for over 50 years and now offers services for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Twitter. With so much experience in marketing and the online world, Viralyft gives customers quality services.

All views come from real accounts that offer your posts real engagement. They also promote your posts to your target audience to provide you with the best chance of long-term engagement.

Viralyft.com emphasizes the safety of their site above all else. The customer is guaranteed 100% safe delivery and secure payments when buying Instagram followers, views, likes, or comments. The company accepts all major credit and debit cards, and an SSL encrypted payment gateway protects your information. The site also doesn’t store financial information, making it one of the safest options to buy Instagram followers and views.

When you buy Instagram likes or views from Viralyft.com, you first choose which package you would prefer. Seven options range from $1.99 for 500 views to $59.99 for 50,000 views. Next, select the videos you would like promoted. Finally, specify the type of audience you want your views to come from to guarantee optimal user interaction in the future and to get the most out of your payment. You can expect your views to arrive in 24 to 72 hours.

If you’re buying from Viralyft.com’s website, you should take advantage of their 24/7 support to get tips and better understand their services and how to build a successful following on Instagram. Ask the live chat whatever questions you want them to answer, and a trained employee will assist you. Viralyft also offers a ‘Tips and Tricks’ section that explains how to get more Instagram engagement.

 Tips to Buy Instagram Views from 5 Best Sites in 2022

3 Tips to Buy Instagram Views

Buying Instagram likes is easy, but determining the number of views you’ll need and a site’s authenticity can be a bit more complicated. Do the proper research before making a purchase.

Understand Your Rivals

Not all niches have the same popularity. When thinking about the amount of interaction you need to stand out from the crowd, look at competing brand’s Instagram profiles. The number of views they have on their videos should be your goal. A much smaller number will make you look unpopular, while a very high number may make it obvious you’ve bought your engagement.

Avoid Buying Views from Bot Profiles

If you buy from sites that use bot profiles, you may inadvertently harm your account. If moderators catch you buying bot accounts to increase your interactions or follower count, you may be banned or shadowbanned from Instagram.

With more people understanding how to spot fake accounts, it is more likely than ever for people to tell if you’ve bought followers. Your current followers may become weary if most of your views, likes, or followers are from bot accounts. To prevent this awkward situation, make sure you’re buying from sites that promote your content to real people.

Watch Out for Fake Sites

Safety considerations are why some of the best sites to buy Instagram views work diligently to answer safety concerns. Do some research before purchasing from any website you aren’t entirely sure is safe.

One way of determining if a site is safe is to remember that reputable websites will not ask for your password. All of the sites on this list do not ask for your password to buy Instagram likes, views, comments, etc. A site that asks for your password or overly personal information is most likely trying to steal your information or hack your account.

When buying Instagram followers or views, confirm that other real people have made purchases from the site and are happy with what they received. Never take the website’s reviews as authentic sources. A site may claim to have hundreds of satisfied customers when they are actually stealing money from unsuspecting victims.

Look for sites and plans that guarantee real followers, 24/7 customer service, and fast delivery. Companies that offer these kinds of services are more likely to be reputable.

If you still feel nervous about buying Instagram followers online, you can start by purchasing a few views to ensure you don’t waste a large sum of money if it turns out to be illegitimate.


How Do I Get More Followers on Instagram?

To get more followers on Instagram, follow these easy steps.

  • Choose a username that is recognizable and easy to spell. Searchability is critical here. Your name or your business’s name are the best options.
  • Use a profile picture and bio that showcases who you are or what you do. As the first things people see when they view your profile, a good picture and description can make or break your account.
  • Post regularly, but don’t spam. You may feel that the more you post, the more interactions you’ll get, but you can lose followers this way. Two posts a day is optimal.
  • Figure out the high traffic times for your specific audience. In general, Instagram use is highest in the mid to late afternoon. Figuring out your target audience’s age and the country they live in will help you research the best time to post.
  • Decide on a niche and post high-quality content.
  • Interact with other accounts. Like, comment on, and follow other profiles in your niche. Ask questions in your captions to get more comments. Host promotions and contests to get people interested in your profile.
  • Use hashtags, but like posting, don’t go overboard. Use no more than three on a post.
  • Try cross-promotion. Ask a similar account to post a promotion photo of your account, and you post one in return.

Can I Make Money on Instagram?

Anyone can make money with Instagram as long as they work to promote themselves or their brand.

Most people who make cash on social media rely on sponsored content. Brands pay influencers to post pictures or videos promoting their product. These recommendations can either be blatant or covert, such as a model stating that a particular soda brand is their favorite. The amount of money that an Instagrammer can make on sponsored content depends on factors like their follower count and which brands they choose to represent.

A more traditional route for making money on social media is to sell products. Think about what your target audience would like to buy and research how to get that type of product cheap or how you can make it yourself.

How Many Followers Do I Need to Make Money on Instagram?

There is no set amount of followers you’ll need to make money on Instagram. The absolute minimum follower count you’ll require to make $100,000 in a year is 5,000. Keep in mind that you’ll have to post a sponsored post almost every day to reach this goal. Your sponsored posts will also need to be high-paying to accomplish such a lofty objective.

An account with over one million followers can make more than $250,000 a post, but this also depends on the quality of the sponsored posts it’s representing. Overall, the amount of money you can make on Instagram will vary widely, even if your follower count is high.