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Tips To Design Your First Ever Home Library

Home library with iron shelves

Anyone who loves books longs to have a library. And when you have collected a ton of books since you were young and are not willing to part with them, you’ll have a library-worth of collections.

Bibliophiles hold their books close to their hearts, and these books even have their stories waiting to be told. So, to have a place to honor and treasure them would be amazing. A library would be a dream come true.

Typically, when building a house, a library wouldn’t be a priority since you would consider the most basic needs first. But in time, as the kids grow up, you realize that a library would be a positive learning modality for them. And you would try to squeeze in one in your current living space.

Not only for your kids’ sake, but you would also like to take care of your prized collection. Because, soon, when they’re all grown up and have their kids too, they will be able to read and learn from these books. It will be like an heirloom.

So, if you’re planning to build your first library, you need to know that there’s more to it than putting shelves and cramming those books in. Thus, you need to consider other important things like the lighting and weather. And you can achieve that by installing plenty of LED lights or allowing more natural light in by using retractable blockout blinds. To help you out, here are a few other great tips:

1. Take An Inventory Of Your Collection

You need to know how many books you have. It would be best to take an inventory to visualize and calculate how much space you need and if you still have that kind of space in your home. And, if you have too many books that won’t fit in the space, maybe you could consider donating them to others.

If you have an extensive collection of books and you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry because cataloguing books now is fairly easy. You just have to download the app, scan the books then it will do the job for you.

 Home library built around stairs

2. Look For A Space

Take a tour of your home and try to see where you can fit all the books you have. It may be that one of your kids is going to college, or there’s the playroom that’s been idle for a while since the kids are growing older and may no longer be using the room. Or maybe, you don’t need the guestroom anymore. Nevertheless, finalize your decision on the space you want to convert before doing your sketch.

3. Sketch And Plan Your Design

Sketch how you want your library to look. Are you going also to have a comfortable reading nook in one area, or maybe add your office if it’s big enough, so you can marvel at your collection when work seems to be getting the best of you, or if you want a piece of inspiration?

4. Blend Your Library’s Design With Your Home Aesthetic

It would be nice to match your library’s design with your home aesthetic to observe uniformity. That way, everything flows naturally and will be easy on the eyes. Is your home’s design minimalist, modern, rustic, or country? Whatever that is, get pieces that will help you decorate effortlessly instead of making you even more confused.

5. Pick Your Shelves

Are you going to have built-in bookshelves to save space? Or tall mahogany bookshelves that reach the ceiling accessible with a ladder? Remember, these bookshelves will hold and showcase your books. They must be sturdy and elegant enough to match your collection.

6. Plan Your Lighting

You will do a lot of reading in your library, so it should have comfortable lighting. During the daytime, it’s nice to have natural lighting to save on electricity and create a beautiful aura in your space. Modern retractable block-out blinds that could be manual or automatic can be installed for your convenience.

Creating layers of light is also a nice touch. It can be done by planning lights in sections of the space, such as using overhead troffers, wall sconces, and lamp stands.

7. Comfortable Seating

Comfortable couches with soft throw pillows and velvety throw blankets are a must-try for a library at home, but it won’t hurt to add a few pretty beanbags for the kids to lounge on when it’s their time to use the library.

Some older family members may prefer a rocking chair while they read their favorite book, so why not indulge them.


A home library is an investment. It will enrich your kids’ minds and give them a break from technology. And for you, the bibliophile, it will be the culmination of your life’s joy. Seeing your beloved books finally have their own home will be a satisfying feeling.