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Tips To Upgrade Your Home Decor On A Budget

In-budget home extension

Life is dynamic and requires us to be flexible and adapt to changes. This pace brings new likings, hobbies, and changes in tastes which we like to incorporate into our daily life. Home is the place where these alterations could be seen. It is a space where we can express ourselves so by each and single item you add, and it reflects who you are. Due to this, sometimes you may feel a little bit tired of your home decor – it becomes boring, usual and doesn’t thrill you anymore. We feel the need to upgrade it by improving the appearance of the dwelling. At the same time, harsh reality makes you meet the high cost of all the beautiful decorations you’d love to have. But with a bit of creativity, humor, and some simple tips we are going to give you, you can transform your interior design – easy, quick, and painlessly for your wallet.

1. Rearrange your furniture and give it a new life

Sometimes we are so used to the things they are that we forget there could be some better and much cozier alternatives out there. If you have a bit of time and do not afraid of doing some exercises –  you can use this zero-cost lifehack. Choose the layout that speaks to you and enjoy the brand new look of your bedroom, living room, or lounge space.

Think of the new usage for the old furniture pieces. You can use a chair as an end table. Save the history of the old furniture by finding new ways of using it.

You can also disguise a dated sofa with a slipcover – purchase a slipcover and make a major change in the living room interior.

Sometimes you can stumble upon a unique vintage or classic furniture piece at a thrift store or flea market. With the help of simple renovation such as changing the hardware and painting it over, it could become a new gem of your interior.

The same goes for the kitchen interior. Paint the kitchen cabinets and you can see how the whole room changes. This might be the fresh feel you’ve been looking for so long! Grab a brush and go for it. You can also replace the old hardware with stylish handles and knobs.

2. Renew your space with paint

One of the easiest ways to get a massive renovation is to pick your favorite color, grab a brush, and repaint. Let the old flooring shine again with the new paint on it. You can choose free printable patterns if you want to add some decorative ornaments, or go the simplest way – paint it one color. This is the perfect choice for those who are on a limited budget but still want a visible change.

The same goes for the walls. You can make an accent wall by painting it in vivid color, creating a focus on the room character. You can also use some painting tricks – elongate your space or add depth.

 Kitchen with island in cement

3. Declutter

Cleanliness is the most important part of a beautiful interior. No matter how posh and luxurious your decor is, it would look messy if home feels overwhelming.

The rule of a happy place is to be surrounded by the things that spark joy and inspire you. Decluttering is the way to not only get rid of all the worn and damaged items you still keep for some reason, but it is also a way to make a room for something you’ve always truly wanted.

A visually pleasing space could be created with the help of the simple organization. Beautify your closet by organizing by color, and get containers to store books, toys, or everything else. Hide the cords and wires of the TV or PC by getting the cord concealers. This is what helps your home look effortlessly clean and organized.

4. Try hanging wall decor for an accent

Another cheap solution for the revived interior is hanging wall art. Prints come in any style and size, they are able to create the atmosphere you want and catch the eye. One single panel art is cheaper than the multi-paneled one. It adds a finishing touch to the room look and does not overwhelm a small space. Though if you want a grand transformation, an oversized decor should be your choice. Get an abstract piece that raises the questions, hang a classic landscape or a world map. Check the turquoise wall art and grab the one you like.

You can also use free printables and print them out in the closest typography. Adding a frame from a flea market would make it a complete piece of art.

Also, you can display some other wall decor – natural wood art, metal decor, tapestry, or arrange a gallery wall of your family photos.

5. Add unique, unusual accents

You can give a new life to ordinary things by turning them into a piece of art. Complete your home interior with the woven basket. They could be bought at any retailer and they would be a game-changer in your interior. Not only does a basket adds a texture, bohemian, and even relaxed style, but it is also the best way to cope with the storage of small items. You can add a label with a calligraphic font to add functionality and a finished look.

A wine bottle, for example, could be turned into an elegant vase or a candlestick. Such a decoration would add a chick, delicate vibe to your apartment. Next time save those beautiful bottles after a dinner party – the more different the shapes and style, the better.

A sheepskin rug is another cheap item that would refresh your home. It is able to add a bit of a Scandinavian touch not only to the floor but also to the sofa and chairs.

As for the dining room, you could add spice by buying a table runner. If a  bare table feels too simple and the tablecloth seems to be not the variant that suits you, this solution would be just it. Besides, you can opt for different styles, colors, and themes and change them according to your mood or events.

Another simple yet effective solution is for your kitchen. Buy glass containers or jars to keep your pantry items – pasta, sweets, snacks, and cereals. Label it for the cohesive look and you would love the way it feels. You do not have to worry if someone opens your pantry the next time – all is neat and clean.

Add some colorful and cheering throw pillows. You can change it once you are bored with it. Mix and match by adding different styles, colors, and patterns.   

As you can see, redesigning your home is fun and all about creativity. Do not be afraid to try some new patterns and textures. Remember, the more diverse items you add, the more it feels lively and homey. The impressive variety of colors and themes is waiting for you at TexelPrintArt – art which is ready to hang and easy to complement your home with.