Many consumers out there are investing in a split king size mattress because it’s a smart choice. Why is that? Because no two people have the same sleeping habits, even if you are soulmates! Therefore, the split king size mattress works wonderfully because you are sleeping separately in a way, but you are also in the same bed together. Now, before you conclude and misunderstand the term, let us explain. A split king size mattress is not a single bed. It is like two single beds put together, each bed having its own individual functionality. The dimensions of the split king mattress dimensions are generally 80×76 inches, and they are an excellent choice for couples with different sleeping needs.

Many consumers out there invest in a split king mattress because it is a wise choice. How come? Because no two people have the same sleeping habits, even if you are soul mates! Hence, split king mattress works wonderfully because, in a way, you sleep separately, but are also together in the same bed. Now, before you jump into conclusion and misunderstand the term, let us explain. A split king mattress is not a twin bed. It is like two twin beds put together where each bed has its own individual functionality. The  and is an excellent choice for couples who have different sleeping needs.

So, how does it work? Think of it as two twin beds connected with a well, connector to keep them together. This means, you will have your own space, and if you want to convert it into twin beds, even that’s possible. It even helps if you are suffering from back or neck pain because you can get the mattress of your choice for your side of the bed.

However, for some, the mattress slips a little at night, and they want to know how they can fix the gap in their split king mattress. Don’t worry. We have easy tips to help you out. What are they? Well, keep reading to find out.

 How to Fix A Gap in a Split King Mattress? A Guide

Readjust The Connector 

Generally, the adjustable split king beds come with metal connectors to help you adjust the bedding the way you want. So, all you need to do is adjust the connector accordingly, and you are all sorted. If it sounds too confusing, you can always take a look at the manual to see how to readjust the connector.

Separate It 

If you are okay with it, you can use it as twin beds. Now, if you have two-night lamps and are wondering how to style a nightstand? Don’t worry. You can still place it on either side of the bed with a small gap in between the twin beds.

A Non-slip Pad 

You will easily find a non-slip pad at a bed store, and this is definitely an easy solution. Just place the pad between the mattress and the bases, and that’s it. You are done. Now, enjoy a good night’s sleep.

 How to Fix A Gap in a Split King Mattress? A Guide

A Non-slip Tape 

A non-slip tape is generally used to keep the carpets from sliding. So, if you have any at home or if there is a hardware store nearby, you can easily make use of this method to keep your mattress from moving. Just like with a non-slip pad, you must stick the non-slip tape on the bed in a way that it gets attached to the base.

A Fitted Frame 

You can use a bed frame that fits the mattress perfectly to keep it from sliding. A bed frame generally includes a headboard, side rails, and a footboard.

Mattress sliding is not so common, and only very rarely does someone experience it. However, if you are that someone, the above tips will surely help you out.