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Top 3 Criteria To Look For While Buying A Solar Panel

Top 3 Criteria To Look For While Buying A Solar Panel

Have you ever thought about how challenging shopping can be? Do you know the reason for simple shopping becoming a challenging occasion? Exactly! When we don’t know what criteria are important for a particular product, we consume a lot more time than necessary on a single product. If ordinary shopping can be hard to manage, imagine the shopping experience when choosing a solar panel – an essential energy supplier. Let me tell you that it may seem complicated, but with clear instructions, it is easy as pie. To enjoy buying a solar panel, you need to know the top three criteria to buy the perfect one!

Solar Panel Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the most important metrics to pay attention to while shopping for solar panels. It measures the well-functioning of a panel based on the conversion rate of sunlight into electricity. The percentage of solar panel efficiency ideally ranges from 15 percent to 20 percent. Do you want a myth about solar panel efficiency? It is affected by the solar panel size. That is not true! The leading factor affecting the efficiency metric is the shaded area – the level of exposure to sunlight. This being said, you should be careful during the installation phase to keep it as unshaded as possible. You can also try pigeon proofing solar panels which are highly effective.

 Top 3 Criteria To Look For While Buying A Solar Panel

Solar Panel Warranty

Can you buy a product that doesn’t certify its quality? Of course, no. Solar panel companies take that into account. To maintain customer loyalty, they provide a 25-year warranty and beyond. While purchasing a photovoltaic (PV) panel, having a warranty for equipment and materials from the company is essential. This ensures that the PV panel won’t malfunction. If it does, it will be immediately repaired by the company. 

Solar Panel Performance

Well, this one needs a great deal of attention. Solar panel’s performance is a considerable metric to pay attention to. The performance of a PV panel is measured through a temperature coefficient rating. Due to it, you get to know how the panel operates in bad conditions to ensure that it will be great in good ones. It would help if you kept in mind that a low-temperature coefficient rating is a good performance sign. Ideally, it is -0.25 percent per degree Celsius. I guess a warning won’t harm you: do not let your panel overheat. Overheating is an enemy of the panel’s performance.

Here we go, three important metrics to enjoy a short and valuable shopping experience. Solar shopping has never been so easy!